Ethics in Work Profession Assignment

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Criminal Justice Ethics Tutorial I would remain truthful to myself and of my obligations and responsibilities as an officer. I would take full accountability of policies and procedures that’s followed with the duties of my position. Although my partner didn’t take the responsibility by following the rules of contacting the teenagers’ parent’s or video tapping the interrogation questioning, I would have to think logical about the actions I should take to fix this problem. Dot the fact my partner and I worked as a team to pick up he two gang members, I probably would be left with either two options.

I would either take the blame along with my partner, or acknowledge the actions that my co- worker chose to do in handling the case. Deciding on what’s best on how to handle the situation, I would probably have to remain true to myself on virtue ethics. Virtue ethics argues that when people have an excellent character, they will make ethical decisions (week 4 class lecture). I would have to be able acknowledge myself as being truthful in humility and having courage to do the best thing I feel and to know s the best choice to make. I would also have to think smart for my partner and myself to try and resolve the problem.

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My first thought would be to ask my partner why he made choice to not try and locate the teenagers’ parent’s and why he chose to not video tape the interrogation interview. Next, I would make the effort in trying to clean up his mistakes to cover both of us. First, I would try and locate the parent’s to have the interrogation done, so they could be present with their children while I question them. I wouldn’t allow myself to make the decision of video tapping the interrogation knowing that they are under age, and also with the parent’s not being present.

If this option wasn’t able to be taken place at that time, I would probably seek higher authority for solutions on how to handle the matter. By doing this I probably would influence the risk of my partner and myself on a probation period or maybe terminated. I would be left trying to figure out what my best actions would be to help him or cover myself, by not paying the price with his wrongful decision by not annotating the parent’s and making the choice to record the interrogation questioning without prenatal consent.

Being an employee in the law is being knowledgeable and responsible of the policies and procedures as a guide for daily decision making that affects organizational culture. While a code of conduct is sometimes industry-wide, policies and procedures are usually company -specific (week 4 class lecture) and should be followed with the duties which a person should abide by. A person has to be held accountable by the things they say or do whether it’s right or wrong.

There’s big responsibility of individuals to do what’s ethically right and follow the code of ethics and conduct, especially if you’re a person that’s employed in the law, health care or public transportation. My final thought would be to make the best choice possible to cover the mistakes of my partner and myself, because this is a situation that we worked together as a team to arrest the two teenagers who was more than likely guilty of the rape, beaten and left for dead woman. Working with a partner, I would make the effort to be a leader and do things the right way if incidents happen append again.

In regard to this issue, I would be left with the choice of either having to stay true to my ethical beliefs and confirm of what my partner did wrong in handling the case. Or, I would have to falsely admit that I went along with the actions my partner chose to do in handling the case. The important fact is that, if the two teenagers’ actually committed this crime, the good thing is that they were caught and arrested. Because of this, no other crimes or rapes would be done to another woman becoming a victim by their actions.

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