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Discuss the Impact of poverty on the health of New Slanderer Introduction This essay will explore low- finance, health issues and children needs has became a big problem in New Zealand, One of the main problems in New Zealand is poverty. Poverty is the one who lacks a certain amount of controlling their belongings or money (Danville, 2011) Absolute poverty Is lacking basic human needs. Which commonly includes clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter Cohn, 1990). People are estimated to live in absolute poverty today (Fraser, 2006).

Relative poverty refers to lacking a usual or socially acceptable level of resources or Income as compared with others within a society (John, 1990) Poverty has a serious influence in issues of finance. Families living In poverty must use their financial resources to pay food and shelter (Rowland, 2010). A lot of families living in poverty can’t afford to buy their child book to read because of other necessities (Davis, 2008). Laura (1996) “If I know that we have no food, and the gasman’s waiting, I’m going to buy my shopping. They’re k. The gas will survive. We wont, no matter what my family always comes before a bill” (p. ). Low finance can be a problem because people need money to pay bills, to feed their kids and also pay for their education and to pay rent or mortgage so they have safe and warm environments (Atkinson, 2005) Most families struggle because they may not have enough money to pay for food, bill, rents or mortgage (Anally, 2005). Also most parent’s are unemployed. (Snarls, 2010). Families from middle to upper class can afford more things for their children, like education and recreations. The upper class family has access to some of the best recreation facilities (Dale, 2005). Low-

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Income families face many barriers that prevent access to recreation like user fees, equipment costs and transportation (Perry, 2010). They also have to depend on inadequate or no facilities (Milne, 2001 The families that come from poverty are more worried about surviving and can’t provide things that higher income families can provide like housing, meals, health care and recreational programs (Walgreen, 2000). There may be lack of money to buy food which functions the body to become healthy and effectively (Nolan. 2004). Lack of finance impacts medical needs and that they may not afford to visit the doctors (Evans, 2005).

Poverty has an effect on finance with people in New Zealand most likely on the benefit, or homeless and not enough money to keep secure (Dazzle, 2004). Having lack of food can affect the mind and slows the body down to react. Poverty has a serious influence on Issues of finance, The highest incidence of poverty is among household consisting a single adult with children because nearly six often children living with only their mother were near or below the poverty line (Stephen, 1999) Families on benefits were more likely to postpone doctor visits because they were unaffordable – especially steep after-hours deiced costs (Perry, 2004).

Ailments were left to get worse, often landing children in hospital (Dale, 2005). The research that I have gathered has showed that Finance is a Health can be such a problem because its regularly being unable to participate in the social or economic activities which most people takes for granted (Watson, 2010). It meaner confronting the negative attitudes of others part of the Health issues. Poverty not only brings the risk of a shorter life span but it also meaner that the lives of the adults and children are more likely to be affected by illness and disability (Duff, 2010).

Health can be exposed to disease, Heart problems, Cancer, Diabetes and not eating healthy. The evidence on inequalities in health is compelling. People in New Zealand who live in disadvantaged circumstances have more illnesses, greater distress, more disability and shorter lives than those who are more affluent Judge, 2001). Poverty can affect one’s health. It is important to be educated on these topics because so many people struggle with these realities every day (Smith, 1996). Living in poverty heavily influences stress levels and mental health.

Stresses include incontrollable situations, illness, financial status, social isolation, a lack of sleep, and work overload (Paterson, 2001). When these are experienced over a long period of time, such as living in poverty it can be very harmful in that it increases the likelihood of developing a disease, being obese, or experiencing a heart attack. It can often play out in depression and anti-social behaviors among children who have experienced poverty over a long period of time.

However it doesn’t Just affect the children; the adults feel the distress as well (Keener, 2010). They are less nurturing parent’s, rasher discipline is more common and as a result, children grow up with less secure attachments (Merry, 2011). People that do have health issues can cause such a serious impact on Children need. Poverty is a serious impact on Children needs. Children live in poverty. Some live on streets, some in dangerous, dirty housing that lack the basics including water (Hodgkin, 2010). Some neighborhoods lack adequate school or play.

Many of the children in poverty doesn’t have time to play because at a young age they need to get jobs and help support the family so the need for recreation is forgotten because of other concerns (O’Brien, 2010). Most, lower income children have participated in an organized recreational activity. About 90% of all recreation facilities charge user fees for aquatics, athletics and other programs (Baber, 1997) Children in poverty, go home to an empty house until their parent’s come home from work (Bradshaw, Hellholes ; Richardson, 2007). Some of these children are as young as six.

Imagine leaving a six year old to fend for them. Being a latch key child eventually will lower self- esteem and damper their social and physical well being (Perry, 2009). Child poverty is a serious impact in New Zealand. Children are expensive, providing basic need. Child poverty can be health issues because of dirty clothing that they are wearing (Richardson, 2009). Crowed houses can cause infectious disease and medical care (Bradshaw, 2009) is too expensive. Also child poverty has a big impact in New Zealand. Children are important and should be safe and warm.

Conclusion This essay has shown that low- finance, health issues and children needs is a serious the one who lacks a certain amount of controlling their belongings or money. Poverty is short on basic human needs, which includes clean and fresh water, nutrition, health care, education, clothing and shelter. People live in absolute poverty today.

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