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The world around us, for the reason that a child born into poverty clearly do not have the same opportunity’s as a child born just above the poverty line. I personally believe that all children should have the same opportunities and live the same healthy life with or without money. According to pediatrician. Org ;in 2013, 14. 7 million (19. 9 percent) children under the age of 18 were in poverty. Meaning that 19. 9 percent of children in America were hungry, not well clothed, not well taken care of, and not well educated. That’s 19. Percent more children America sent out into the world to repeat and not beat the statistics.

Research shows that a child who suffers from poverty also suffers malnutrition and lack of health care, both of these are reason children are distracted in school or don’t even show up to school to be educated. A Study by the U. S Department of Health, Education, and Welfare reported that poor children suffer 23 percent, they do not grow as tall as other children. Their more likely to have low hemoglobin values during their years of growth and suffer incidence of impetigo, gastrointestinal diseases, parasitic diseases, and urinary-tract infections. Sheller, 2008). As mentioned above children of poverty do not have the same educational opportunities. They attend public schools from elementary to high school and very few go to college. They also have a harder time staying in school due to illness and those who do attend have a hard time focusing due to stress and/ or depressions. Lack of education is the leading cause of poverty according to the table in the book, Economics of Poverty and Discrimination, 23. 8 percent f people in poverty have no high school diploma, 10. Percent have diploma (no college), 7. 7 percent some college, and 3. 6 percent are college graduates,(Sheller, 2008). Very many people suffer because they just can’t afford to go to college so the odds to getting a good job are rare because more education leads to higher income.. Believe that education is the biggest reason we continue to have high numbers in poverty, yet poverty is a good reason for lack Of education. It is simply a never ending statistical circle, due to the government not stepping in o help for years and years.

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They just recently started raising the bar and passed the no kid left behind act, as well as sending home back packs with snacks in them every evening and bags of food home during the weekends, and giving grants such as the Peel to college students who can’t afford to go to college. In conclusion if children who are born into poverty can get the help they need to get them through school, they can actually become something more than just another statistic and the poverty rate will decline by large numbers. You wouldn’t see as many people on the streets.

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