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Poverty is defined as the state or condition of having little or no money, goods, or means of support; condition of being poor; deficiency of necessary or desirable, ingredients, qualities, scantiness; insufficiency. (www. Dictionary. Com) There are many people in our country and other countries that suffer from this condition. The third world countries seem to bear the brunt of this condition. Pollution is defined as the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment. V. Mm. Dictionary. Com) Our country and other countries are responsible for the pollution of the environment all over the world. Emissions from companies that have gone to the third world countries have contributed to the pollution problem. We are all responsible. How are poverty and pollution connected? Who is truly responsible for this, where are the most polluted and poverty stricken places, and what can we do about it? The answers are not easy to find. No one wants to take responsibility for what is happening to our earth.

No one wants to put the money that they make by polluting the earth to clean up the earth. It is just not the businesses that cause the pollution. Some of the third world countries have had a problem with this before they moved into the area. They should take responsibility also. There are many teeth kcal implications Of businesses polluting in a third world country. Businesses feel that they can pollute the third world countries because the people there are poor and the country is under developed.

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Third world countries do not have the pollution regulations like the countries in the west, such as our country. This allows companies to build manufacturing plants, such as the automobile industry in whatever third world country they decide on and pay that government privilege fees for being there. There have been companies in the US that have been give tax breaks to move to another country to make their wares. Emissions from the automobile industry and many others make it very hard for people in the third world countries to breathe clean air and have clean, drinkable water.

It is not just the coal dust and fly ash polluting the air and making it hard to breathe, it is also the chemical makeup of these pollutants that cause other illnesses such as cancer. Birth defects, including body priorities are the major concern of some of these third world nations. Other ethical implications are the toxins that are dumped into the waterways, making it impossible for the residents of the area to have drinkable water. Some people have the opinion that it is k to pollute the poverty stricken areas of the third worlds, by saying that it is based on the savage principle of survival of the fittest. Www”. Coat. Org) The governments in these third world countries make a decision if money is more important that the clean air and water for the residents of that country. There are those that believe that elution is the price we pay for progress. How valuable is human life? People everywhere are worth the same, and all of us are priceless and cannot be replaced. It has been stated that the thirds world countries and their inhabitants are responsible for the pollution in their countries and are spreading their brown clouds of pollution to the western world.

Businesses have the right to produce their products to make their products. They go to third world countries because the labor there is cheaper than here in the US. Because of the progress of these businesses and the lack of governmental environmental regulations pollution is a great problem in the third world countries. For instance, in China’s Shania Province, emissions from vehicles and industry have created an atmosphere where people literally choke on coal dust. (MN. BBC. Net) There must be some way for them to do business and not create pollution such as this.

Human beings are not the only Creatures that are suffering from this. There are animals and plant life that cannot survive under these horrible conditions. The environment in the air, the water and the earth itself is being ruined by pollution. Deforestation has lead to animals not having places to live. Birds cannot fly if the air is unfit for them to breathe. The air should be pure for them also. Dumping of garbage limits the areas for animals to live. Human beings all over the world have the right to breathe clean air and have clean drinkable water.

If not for the people of the world, who would make the products and more importantly, who would buy the products to keep the business running? No person is worth more than the next person. We are all equal. We all have to work together to make this happen. Not all the elution comes from emissions alone. There are approximately 3 million people across the third world that die every year because they rely upon dung and kerosene to heat their homes and cook their food. This leads to poor indoor air quality.

There are another 3 million people a year that die in Africa alone, because they rely on lakes and rivers for drinking water that has been contaminated by untreated sewage and other wastes from their own communities. (www. Coat. Org) Some experts have stated that the western world is not the fault for the pollution in the third world countries. They claim that it is those countries that are making all the pollution. I am not so sure that it is our sole responsibility to clean up the environment in the third world countries.

For example, IBM, General Motors, and Sony have established manufacturing plants in Mexico and some of these create severe environmental problems. Some of the pollutants have threatened the beaches Of San Diego. Because Of this, most of the cleanup is paid for by the United States and California governments. Since companies have found it difficult to run their businesses n the LIST, due to the environmental regulations. For example, EDT has been banned in the US and Canada, but is widely use in the third world, especially in Latin America, Africa and on the Indian subcontinent. (www. Bookings. Mom) think these companies should pay for the cleanup. It is because of their production that this pollution is happening so they should take responsibility for the cleanup and future preventative measures to keep it under control. The businesses that are at fault for the pollution should have a committee that would work with the United Nations Environment Programmer (UNEVEN) to come up with and enact together to enforce preventive measures and cleanup programs. Solid waste could be controlled by using containment measures and finding some way of recycling this waste as useful product.

Some companies have started taking thrown away cell phones and computers and recycling them. There is one company that takes donations of used cell phones and computers, revamps them and gives them to the elderly that are on a fixed income. Maybe this could be done with some other things. The countries of the western world should ban together o enforce environmental regulations On companies that Went overseas from here. The same regulations that are used in the US and Canada should be enforced everywhere.

I would form a team of doctors and chemists to look at all the pollutants and carefully study them. This team would do nothing but come up with solutions to illnesses and solutions to containing the pollution. Visits to these third world countries from a team formed by the United Nations Environmental Programmer, along with the team of doctors and chemists that I have put together would be a good first step in controlling this robber. It is also a good idea to teach the people in these countries about clean sanitation and proper waste disposal. Business wants to survive, they have to spend money to make money. It is the same for developing countries. Money should be put into teaching them how to live better. Realize that not all of the pollution can be contained or recycled, but why should those that live in poverty have to suffer more than anyone else. When one country dumps waste on another and pays that government to accept that trash, they are not considering the people of that country, or the environment itself. They are only looking at the money they can make off the deal.

We have to preserve what we have and even try very hard to clean up the damage that we have already done. We have future generations that have to live on this world. Why should our children and their children breathe all of these pollutants and not have drinkable water. Maybe some of the third world countries are responsible for some of the pollutions without the businesses contributing to it. If so, let’s help them come up with better ways of getting rid of human waste and give them ideas for heating and joking that would not rely on them using things that cause poor air quality.

Educating a team of people to teach them simple ways of doing things without using waste and causing pollution in their homes would be a good thing to do also. Americans are not the most important people on the earth. Some people think that we need so much stuff that we are creating the problem. It should not be this difficult for educated people to understand that it is all of us that are doing this and it is up to all of us to clean it up.

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