Water Pollution in Africa Assignment

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More people die from dirty water and poor sanitation in Africa, than acts of violence , including is Clean Water so important? “). Children are especially targeted for disease, because their immune system is smaller, and they are younger (“Why Water? ” Africa has many poor countries, and many people are dying from diseases in water. Every day, people have to walk over five miles to get a bucket of water for the family they are in. Most of the time, the only water people can find is dirty.

Dirty water causes children to develop sissies every year. In fact, over eighty percent of disease is caused by unclean water (“Drop in the Bucket”). Many organizations are desperately working to give third-world countries the water that people need. The organizations want to build a well for every village in Africa, so there is no more disease breaking out, and people want to reduce the death toll of 2,000 a day, to a much lower Aid”). In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours every year just walking for water.

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Women and children usually ear the burden of water collection, walking miles to the nearest source, which is unprotected and likely to make them sick (“Why Water? “). There are many ways one can help Africa reduce their pollution, especially in water. One way that takes the least amount of effort, but makes a big difference, is to donate to an organization. There are so many of them that are serving Africa, and the more donations, the better. People want to end poverty right?

Another method of impact is to never waste water. If one cannot finish water, give it to a plant, or save it for later. But never throw it away. The last method of impact is try to reduce the pollution in communities around you. If the world has too much pollution, America’s water will end up like Africans, and our population will reduce and reduce, and at some point, the world might even end. To sum it up, the pollution in Africa is on the rise, and people need help to get clean water.

First world countries like America have no idea how such people waste clean water, and how lucky those people are to have it. So in the future, don’t waste water, one will never know who doesn’t have it.

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