Water Pollution Assignment

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The Water Pollution on Our Earth If we watch news now, sometimes they talk about our environment. They say that our environment is very worrying and needs the attention from us. One of our environments is water. Water is a vital necessity for us to fulfill the daily needs such as cooking, bathing, washing and the others else. We usually hear that some big city have a problem with their water, some area in many country occur drought, and many people compete to get clean water. We often ask in our heart what happen with our water. Now we must open our eyes and see what wrong with around us so we shortage clean water.

At this time, we don’t know that the water which we drink clean or contain pollutants because the clean water is seldom to find. There are many cause of water pollution but there are three cause of water pollution that we well-known. The water pollution occurs because Of industrial waste, fertilizer and pesticide, and household waste. The farmers usually use most of pesticide and fertilizer to increase their quality of product. “The competitive international market forces small scale farmers to use more fertilizers and pesticides to remain competitive and maximize the productivity of their land” Kramer, R.

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Andrea, Key Chuddar, and Leafier Kampala, 2001). If we see, hear and watch at this time, some areas of big city give a lot of poison and pollutants to water. “In the year 1 999 the amount of buildings that is constructed on the river bed has increased approximately 38% compared to the situation in the year 1996. The increasing numbers is an indication of the raising level of pollution from household wastes into the river” (Tessellates, Asks, 2004). The water pollution occurs because companies membrane industrial waste in water. Regarding the industry sector, an increase in economic growth of trans-national companies can lead to an increase in the production of substances hazardous to water resources” (Kramer, R. Andrea, Key Chuddar, and Leafier Kampala, 2001 From these problem cause water pollution, we can do some ways to decrease and prevent that. From now we must use water effectively and efficiency. We must always remember to turn off the water when we finish to something by using the water. We try to throw garbage in garbage can, don’t throw garbage in the river or lake.

We must start to make irrigation system which is good and clean n each house. The farmers try to decrease using fertilizer and pesticide which can disturb ecosystem or government give facility for farmers to create fertilizer and pesticide that is made from natural source that can compete with fertilizer and pesticide that is made from hazardous chemical pollutants in market. The government make rule for companies to throw industrial waste does not disturb our water. If there are companies broke the rule, they are given punishment by government. There are many ways that we can do to solve a problem about water pollution around us.

Actually if we understand the causes of air pollution, it all begins with ourselves. So to repair and fix our water, we must start from ourselves. Conserve water from now on, use water wisely so abundant also be felt in the future for our children and grandchildren. We must love with our water. We must always remember to have the utmost respect for water and all life, use water carefully and not waste it, not pollute rivers with liquid and solid waste, pay for water services, take action to solve any water problems, conserve water, and thereby conserve the natural environment.

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