Poverty and Pollution Case Assignment

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Poverty and pollution are both bad. Poverty is the lack of the things we need for everyday living. Everyone needs the following in order to stay out of poverty: food, water, shelter, education, medical care and security. People that do not have these items are considered below poverty. People that live in third world countries do not have access to these things. There are at least 4. 4 billion people that live in these third world countries that are stricken by poverty.

Out of the 4. Billion three fifths or more do not have any type of sanitation. Over one third of these people do not have access to clean water. When it comes to having shelter there are about a quarter of them that do not have this. Modern health services can be very few to come by in a third world country. Over a fifth of these people do not have any access to a doctor or hospital. Many people in a third world country have never even seen the inside of a school. With this being said what can we do? We can help out by taking the time to be sure that we help everyone. According to WV. Len. Org. K people living in Europe and Central America who are living below the poverty line is 3. 5%; Latin America and Caribbean is 23. 5%; Sub Sharron Africa is 38. 5%; Middle East and North Africa is 43. 1 Oh. This goes to prove that all of the people that live in these countries need help. So you may ask, what are some of the causes of poverty and pollution in these countries. One cause is trade third world countries have had some unfair trade agreements. These unfair trade agreements include the lack of technology and the rapid changing of the price for goods.

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Another cause is in-door air pollution. This type of pollution is caused by driving more automobiles. The number of deaths because of this is on the rise. According to Robert D. Ballard from Clark Atlanta university over 2. 7 million people die each year for air pollution. He also says that 2/3 of the air pollution related deaths occur in rural areas. Over 3. 5 billion people are exposed to these air pollutants in their own homes. Almost 2 million deaths are caused from exposure to stove smoke. Some more of the causes of poverty and pollution are work and globalization, war, debt, land and health.

Another leading cause of pollution s lead poisoning. Cars and trucks are responsible for about 90 percent of the airborne air pollution. About 40% Of the world’s deaths are caused by organic and chemical pollutants. About 80% of these chemicals have never been screened to see if they cause cancer or cause nerve disease. All of these can cause the poverty line to dip in a third world country and the United States. The reason some companies send their operations to third world countries is that they do not have to pay the employees the amount they would have to pay in the United States.

They can get away with emptying the toxic waste onto the ocean and other bodies of water and land fields and not get fired for it. Companies may believe that it is safe to do this but, they do not realize that they are polluting the land and the water. With pollutions in the water it affects people and animals. If the companies were to stay in the U. S. And they were caught polluting the air and water they could be fined and made to clean up what they have messed up. The economic progress of poverty and pollution can be good and bad. The changes in the labor markets in third world countries have contributed to the increase of poverty levels.

According to poverty. Feebly. Com the number of high paying job have declines and the demand for workers have increased. People that work these jobs have learned the skills either by working the job or by vocational programs. People who cannot afford these programs find it difficult to obtain these jobs. This is where third world countries have problems. Some people that live in these countries cannot afford to go to school to learn these programs. All people whether in the U. S. Or in a third world country has the right to an education. If we cannot afford to pay for school then there should be programs to assist those that need help.

Pollution control and environmental protection need to be the concern for all companies. The reason for this is we the people need to be protected from all of the toxins that are released into the air. When pollutions are released into the air we breathe it in and therefore we are poisoning ourselves. Some of pollutions can be linked to people that have developed cancer. Pollutions can cause many different diseases and health problems to all people. If a person in a third world country gets sick from these pollutions they do not have the health care that we as Americans have.

Some of the Mounties do not even have a doctor or hospital within 15 miles of the city. This is where we see people that are living in the unsafe shelters and are below the poverty line. All people are entitled to a safe shelter if one is available. If the pollutions get into the water then we have a big problem. This makes the water unsafe to drink and even bathe in. When this happens there can sometimes be a boil water notice and sometimes it can appear out of nowhere. If companies would control the output of pollution, people, animals and the environment would be a lot better off.

Human beings have the moral right to a livable environment. We also have the right to a safe and stable shelter that is clean. We also have the right to have safe water to drink and to take a bath in. Unfortunately those that live in the third world countries do not have any choice but to live in what they can afford. Those that live in the poverty stricken countries are sick and some have even died from pollution being in the water and in the air. It is sad to see this when you know that you live in a safe environment. Some citizens of these countries do not even have clothes to wear and food to eat. These people really need our help.

If they even consume the water that has been eluted it can make them sick and sometimes it can kill them. One of the leading causes of pollution inside our homes and homes around the world is lead poisoning. Those who come in contact with lead in paint and the air have problems their whole life. Lead poisoning is really common in small children. Lead poisoning affects every organ in your body. According to The World Health Organization the effect of lead poisoning to be about 1 to 3 points of IQ lost for each 10 GU/del lead level. If there is a higher number of lead present then this number could rise.

Almost 16 percent of juvenile behavioral problems have been linked to lead poisoning. So therefore not only can affect the organs in your body, but it can also affect how young children act. Lead poisoning can even be harmful to adults and even pets. Dead poisoning can be deadly in some cases. We as humans also have to worry about other ways that companies are polluting our air and water. There is another Cause that can be very harmful to the land and Water sources in third world countries. That is pesticide poisoning. Between the years of 1 997 and 2000 more than 3. 3 million pounds of pesticides were shipped from the U.

S. This type of poisoning continues to cause severe health and environmental problems. According to Robert D. Ballard of the Environmental Justice Resource Center of Clark Atlanta University of the 80,000 pesticides and other chemicals that are in use today only 10 percent are recognized as carcinogens. These types of chemicals and pesticides have been linked to cancer. In 1 970 the number of cancer related death was 331 ,OHO. There has been a rise in the number of deaths due to these chemical and pesticides. In 1992 the death toll was at 521,000. That is more than 30,000 people that are poisoned by pesticides.

Some farmers have even worked for lower wages because it is unsafe to be around these pesticides. I believe that the wealthy nations should chip in and help these third world countries. The reason I think this is they could help the citizens get the help they need. The way they could help is by providing the countries with needed medical supplies that they may need. They can also send in teams to help build safe and stable shelters for those that need them. Some can even help the citizens find jobs for them to do so they can help provide for their families. They can also help develop a greener industries and cleaner source f energy.

More than two billion people that live in this world do not have the sufficient energy to meet their every day needs. According to Robert D. Ballard of the Environmental Justice Resource Center of Clark Atlanta University some 80 percent of all energy that is used in this world comes from fossil fuels. These are the main causes for health and environmental problems. Therefore we need to help these third world countries that U. S. Companies pollute clean up their air and water. We need to take the responsibility for the mess that we make. Some countries cannot afford the lean up and therefore if we make the mess we need to help clean it up.

If I had to come up with a plan would make sure that the citizens of the country would be well informed of what the company was going to produce. I would also make them aware of the risk that the company would be making on their land. Then I would make sure that if the company polluted the land and water that we would be responsible for the cleanup. We would have a team of specialist to conduct the cleanup. There would always be someone out in the community informing the citizens of what the process would be and how long we expected to have it cleaned up. Fifth pollution was bad enough I would offer the citizens the option to move.

If they decided to move the company would pay the whole moving expense. The reason for this is that we are the ones that caused the problem and feel that we have to help the ones that are moving because of us. We as a company would help those that needed help doing anything in the community. Someone from the company would be involved in the community and take part in everything that goes on. We as the company would always be Out in the public eye. We would even stay in touch with the ones that we helped move. Feel like if we elf these people that it is only fair that we keep them informed of what is going on with the company.

Poverty and pollution goes hand in hand not only in third world countries but also here in the United States. What can we do to stop poverty and pollution? We can help those in need. If we do this then that will help the ones that cannot afford clean water, safe shelter, food to eat or clothes to wear. Some of the ways that we can help in the third world countries and even here in the US are to have fundraisers. We have can have collection sites for clothes, water, food or even give a cash donations to purchase items or these people.

Some of the other ways that we can help is we can donate to the local charities that support these causes. So with all of this being said what do we do? “Let’s Stop this…… Now!!!! ” and help those in need.

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