Ethics Theories Chart Assignment

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Ethics Theories Chart 7/14/2010 Wanda Moore University of Phoenix Material Facilitator: Wanda Moore Ethical Theory |Comparison of Ethical Theories | | | | | | | |Utilitarianism Ethics |Deontological Ethics |Virtue Ethics | | | |Definition | | |Virtue-based ethical theories place less | | |Utilitarianism is a form of |Deontological Ethics say that all act are |emphasis on which rules people should | | |consequentialism, which advocates that|good or bad to begin with regardless what |follow and instead focus on helping people| | |those actions are right which bring |the outcome may bring. Deontological is an |develop good character traits, such as | | |about the best overall. Example |approach to ethics that judges the morality |kindness and generosity. | | |whether or not it bring people the |of an action based on the action’s adherence| | | |most happiness. |to a rule or rules. | |Ethical thinker |Jeremy Bentham, John Stuart Mill |Immanuel Kant |Plato and Aristotle | |associated with | | | | |theory | | | | |Decision-making |The decision Pat Riley made to bring |Telling the true is always better than the |Helping someone that ran out of gas on the| |process |the big three together LeBron, Wade, |possible negative consequences of that |freeway. | | |and Bosh. The decision made the Miami |truth. | | | |Heat a better team. | | |Workplace example | Instead of paying one of the big |Telling an employee they have bad breath |Helping out a person at work that is | | |three more money you give all the big |even if you know it may hurt the person’s |falling behind on their workload. | | |three the same amount of money. Which |feeling. The good out of telling that person| | | |make everyone happy. |is they know that they need to do something | | | | |about their bad breath. | | |References: http://en. wikipedia. org | | |

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