“Discrimination of Other Religions” Assignment

“Discrimination of Other Religions” Assignment Words: 549

Dictionary is defined as “a system of faith in and worship of a deity. ” The faith and the deity Is not specified or chosen. We as human beings have many different thoughts and beliefs about religion and what Is “right” and “wrong. ” But in reality, we don’t actually know what is true. Nothing in religion is fact. It’s all based on belief and human thought. So, why do we discriminate against people with other religions? The U.

S Is probably the most religiously diverse country in the world, but diversity Is a fact of life. And it only means that different religions coexist around each other, not hat they accept one another. (Robinson, B. A) Loyal Syllabi, a Muslim living in a mostly Christian state knows all about religion discrimination. He has tried to help non-Muslims gain a better understanding of the Muslim religion and the beliefs, in order to help eliminate or decrease religious discrimination. He has encountered many anti-Muslim sentiment.

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People have cussed at his family, and even shot at his apartment on several occasions. He says, “They Just didn’t like the way we looked. ” (Smith, Melissa) Isn’t it natural that people have their own beliefs and opinions? That is life after all, isn’t it? Thinking, and believing, even being different. It’s all part of life, being who you are. So, who are we, if our families are being cussed at and our homes shot at because others don’t approve of our religion? Will we ever be able to live safely In a world so diverse, yet so hateful?

Eric Retain, Oklahoma State University professor said “religious ideologies are often the source of discrimination. Many people learn to discriminate against other religions by growing up with the belief that the only answer to religion is through their own perceptions. When a community explicitly teaches its members to criminate, they teach that the members of the other religion are not only mistaken but that they’re dangerous. They believe their answer needs to be silenced, or It might dominate. (Smith, Melissa) It is often asked why there are so many different religions, and there are four basic questions that everyone wants answered. The first is based on reality. We all have ideas about the nature of reality, and many have an opinion about God’s existence that they learned from either church, parents, or wherever. And the way we see reality, for example how we were brought up or taught, affects all of our beliefs. The second is human nature, what it means to be a human being, perhaps what our purpose for living is, why we exist.

Values is another. We act based on principles and make Judgments about good and evil. We tend to form beliefs based on moral responsibility. Our beliefs about values and morals direct us in life. And then there’s truth. What Is it? Many of us tend to think that what we believe Is true for everyone. We need to work together in accepting each other for who we are and our separate beliefs, because after all isn’t that what makes us human. Being different and having our own beliefs. Somehow we need to make other people realize that.

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