Muslim Discrimination Assignment

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In recent years the racial and religious discrimination against Muslim Americans has been on the rise. Many people would say that 9/1 1 is the culprit of the racial prejudice. The study of the attitude against Muslim Americans is also largely understudied in the psychological field, which is becoming highly demanded but little to no attention has been paid. Many people who are discriminatory have begun to Judge the religion of Islam too, claiming that it is part of their religion to be violent.

Studies have shown that Muslims say that because of 9/1 1 they feel like they cannot vive a modest life where they are free to practice their own faith because of the events after 9/1 1 . When philosophers have spoken to those who have anti-lilacs feelings they say that they do not feel safe being around those who are Islamic or from the Middle East. But in reality little do many know that we have caused those same feeling to those who “we live in fear of. ” There had been thousands of hate crimes reported that were related to Muslim discrimination.

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An example was two summer ago when a mosque in Joplin, Missouri as burned down, and several other mosques have been reportedly burned or destroyed for the same reasons. But other hate crimes have taken place that has been much more extreme. Several murders of Muslim Americans have been linked to the racial prejudice and discrimination. Sources said that when young mother, Shania Iliad was found dead in her home that she had been receiving secret death threats and anonymous notes calling her a terrorist.

Another reality that I have found was the story of a man who was a first responder the attack on 9/1 1 . When the news of the attack came over the radio, Mohammad Handmaid, rushed as fast as he could to his police car. He rushed over to the scene and tried to help as many people as he could. He was killed on the day and was remembered to be a hero by his family and friends. He risked his life for the lives of those who were affected. It is sad to think that he was direct influence but is only remembered at Ground Zero as one who was killed, not that he was a hero or that he made a direct impact.

His family believes that this is because he was a practicing Muslim and there were others who ere suspicious about his life and morals outside of the workplace. All of these things are the cruel realities that we live in today’s world. It is Just crazy to think that there are people out there that have such horrific feelings against people who here to Just have a better life. Even those who are from the Middle East or look like they do are automatically Judged in the U. S. Today, especially in the airports. I think that the only way to put an end to such prejudice and stereotypes is to spread the awareness.

Awareness can be the result and ending of all racial scarification as a whole in my opinion. It Just makes me sad to think and read all of these accounts of those who have been affected. Those who are being affected most by this discrimination are the Muslim youth in America. In today’s world, being a teenager is hard as it is. But by being Judged because of or religious belief or ethnicity can make young person’s life misery. Muslim youth in America are being Judged all over, however there has been an increase on college campuses especially. But many advocacy groups have been

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