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Religion is the belief In and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods, a particular system of faith and worship, and a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme Importance. 2. Name several major theories of the origin of religion. Annalists theory and theories of religion as projections of human needs were major theories of the roller. 3. List the four types of religious systems and tell where each may be found.

Basic religions, religions originating In India, religions Arlington In China and Japan, and religions Arlington In the Middle East are the four types of religious systems and where each may be found. Chapter 1: Characteristics of Basic Religions Page 28: Answer the Following Questions 1 . Why do we speak of “basic” rather than “primitive” religions? We speak of basic religion because basic religion came from prehistory or are practiced in remote places and elements of the basic religions are found to some degree in all religions.

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Basic religions represent the majority of the total religious experience of humankind but primitive religion carries with it connotations of being backward, simple, and even childlike. 2. Define animism, and give several examples of surviving animism in modern life. Animism is the belief that all nature is alive and filled with unseen spirits that may be worshiped or placated. 3. Name some taboos in modern life. How are they like those in basic societies? How are they different? Some taboos in modern life are abortions and adultery.

Abortions are alike in basic society because it deals tit death. In basic societies twins are killed at birth. Chapter 2: Native American Religions Page 43: Answer the Following Questions 1 . Are Native American religions best describes as monotheistic, polytheistic, or monistic? Native American religions are best described as polytheistic. 2. In Native American thinking, what is the primary cause of sickness? How should It be cured? A belief In the power of spirits to cause Illness, and of medicine men and women to cure It, Is found even In the most urbanize Native American communities.

On many serrations, curing combines Native American and biomedical treatment. 3. Dullness’s the view of death In Native American religions from that of the traditional Jude-Christian position. 4. Describe the meaning of music and dance In Native American religions. The Ghost dance religion combines elements of Native American religion including visions, songs and dance, and Christianity. Wove, the founder of the movement, believed that he had been visited by Christ.

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