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“Whether conscious or not, open or hidden, desired or undesired, these acts build on and support prejudicial stereotypes, deny their victims opportunities provided to others. ” (peg. 65) Organizational coordination is “often reinforced by the well-established rules, policies, and practices of organizations. ” (peg. 265) For example, if I were to apply to Join the county or state fire department I would have less of a chance of being hired because I am a female. Females are thought of to be weaker, slower, “are always portrayed as different in the sense of being deviant and deficient. ” (peg. 9) Therefore, they rather have a male who can lift a man out of a burning building by himself rather than a female who is weaker and needs extra help.

The last level of discrimination is Structural discrimination. This is in regards to a classic cycle of our “self-sustaining discriminatory processes within the fields of employment, education, housing, and government. ” (peg. 267) For example, “living in inner-city high crime areas in disproportionate numbers, minorities, particularly minority youth, are more likely to be arrested and are more likely to go to Jail than whites accused of similar offenses, and their arrest and conviction records are then often used as bars to employment. ”

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These pieces do help map out some of the ways discrimination and racism function structurally and systematically in society. The process of discrimination involves many aspects of our society. “No single factor sufficiently explains it, and no single meaner will suffice to eliminate it. ” (peg. 270) Our society can be considered to be constructed, biologically, socially, naturally, interpretively, etc. It is a matter of our own selves in how we choose to react and act upon any sort of discrimination in everyday life. Discrimination By pushbuttons

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