Discrimination Assignment

Discrimination Assignment Words: 452

If you have no previous teaching experience – provide details of other employment se this space to detail any relevant responslbllltles or extra curricular actlvltles In which you were involved Name of School NS, A Town, Co County At least one of these employers should be listed as a referee on page 2.

Education History University/College Name & Address Phd & topic Masters Degree & topic Grade Use this space to give a brief description of your area of research University/College Degree & subjects Post graduate Diploma Use this space to give a brief description of your area of research School/College Leaving Cert Subjects,

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Levels & grades If you are no longer a recent college graduate there is no need to include details of your leaving cert results Primary School Address Further Professional Development Name of My Course Grade/Award June – August 2008 Description of Course content Name of the Course On-line with an Organisation September 2007 Teaching Practice Name of School Class taught Grade Awarded Teacher Training College/University Additional Relevant Information Use this space to include any extra information which is relevant to the Job you are pplying for.

Use bullet points and short phrases to refer to areas such as: Specific skills and competences relating to sport, music and other cultural activities Personal Achievements Involvement in community/voluntary activity This is an opportunity to present a more holistic picture of the real you. However, do not make the mistake of over claiming achievement and ability as it will be obvious if you are called for an interview or when your referees are contacted Referees Name of Referee Role School/Organisation Mobile Tel. No. Work Tel No. work Tel NO. Include at least 1 personal referee i. . someone who will vouch for your character/ integrity Include at least 2 professional referees i. e. people who will vouch for your teaching competence and academic ability Never include a referee without securing their permission to do so There is no point in listing referees who are friends or relations. The more objective the referee, the greater creditability on their opinion. The inability to make contact with referees is a major problem with interview boards, ake sure your referees supply mobile telephone numbers and that they are contactable during holiday periods.

Presentation of CV 1 . Your CV – this should not exceed 3 pages 2. A formal letter of application of no more than 1 50 words – this may be handwritten or typed 3. Photocopies of qualifications/certificates – only those with direct relevance 4. Do not attach written references 5. Submit your application form and CV unbound i. e. slide-on binder, clear transparent sheet on top and light cardboard backing.

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