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Making a poor decision that comes at the cost Of incarceration is one that will forever bit an ex-felon in the proverbial behind. Ex-felons can have a college education or years with hands-on experience in most given job fields and ex-felons will inevitably be turned down from obtaining meaningful employment, effectively not being a productive member of society. Anyone could inadvertently take a prescription medication, drive a vehicle and kill someone due to the effects of the said medication.

After everything is said and done, time is completely served ex-felons are discriminated against even after fulfilling their obligation of punishment to society. Everyone has heard about discrimination by gender, race, religious affiliation, and sexual orientation, but what about people who have a felony on their record? After very minor research of reading forums about this particular topic I found that felons are not a protected group, whereas minorities and there are. This creates a foggy line that allows discrimination against ex- felons.

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For example if you have two applicants for a job and one is a little more qualified than the other but has a felony on their record, who do you think the employer would hire? In my reading of several forums found that countless citizens with felonies have an extremely hard time finding employment. With the unemployment rate still increasing through these economic times how are ex-felons supposed to find meaningful employment so that the possibility of crime isn’t the only means for providing for homeless or their families. I understand in certain situations where this is not acceptable.

An example would be to not expect a day care to hire a convicted child molester or sex offender, but for other cases I think that marking yes for a felony automatically labels the applicant as unfitted for the job, at least through the eyes of the employer. Ex-felons are solely discriminated against because of the stigma of the label “EX FELON. ” Ex- Felons are people and would just like to reintegrate themselves back into society and live an honest and upright life with the right to employment thou having to check the infamous box which says, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Not all those who have been convicted are animals as portrayed by the justice system; therefore there is no need to be categorized with revolving door criminals. There is no justice for ex-felons whom have been convicted, bayed their debt to society and lived an honest, upright life. If a person made a mistake within their life and has not only paid the consequences, but learned from the demeanor which put them in the position they were in, they should be restored all their civil rights and testimonies without any clauses.

In reality that’s not the case and further solidifies my point that ex-felons are discriminated against in the work place. Ex-felons are knowingly dumped back into society with the predisposed disposition they will fail at staggering rates. Why, ex-felons are expected to reintegrate themselves into society that will inevitably discriminate against them. Ex-felons cannot apply for housing, food stamps or jobs just to be a productive member of society. I understand that people shouldn’t expect hand outs or to be coddled by societal band-aids because they can’t conform o rules and laws that were set forth.

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