Genetic Discrimination Assignment

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Genetic Discrimination 1. Genetic discrimination is prejudice against those who have or are likely to develop an inherited disorder. This is where individuals are tested for certain mutations in their genes that could lead to a specific disorder. This is a problem because people are being discriminated against if these certain genes or mutations are found. Examples of how discrimination is disbursed are that these individuals would have a difficult time getting health insurance and certain employment opportunities. 2.

The people who would be at risk in this situation would be the individuals who are found to have mutations that can lead to genetic disorders. They wouldn’t be given the same opportunities as the rest of the public. The people who would benefit would be healthy individuals. They would have less competition in employment and other opportunities. 3. Some ethical principals that would be affected if genetic testing occurs is that people’s privacy is at stake. There are certain aspects that should not be given to the public, especially if these are conditions that can’t be controlled by the individual.

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On the other hand, knowing an employee has or could have a certain disorder would allow the person in charge to better understand what that person is capable of. They would keep them out of situations that could harm themselves or others. 4. I think you could be on both sides of the argument. Being aware of peoples conditions allows better preparation for job positions. It’s w ay to identify how much ability they will bring to a certain situation. The only real problem I see is that, it’s difficult to punish someone or hold them back because of a condition that they had no control over.

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