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The way this author is able to portray this piece of advertisement is through optical illusion, the use of sound, egos, pathos, and logos. When first viewing this advertisement, a model is laying on a beautiful sunny beach eating a fish sandwich. But there is plenty more activity that is taking place that most people do not catch in the short thirty second ad. In order to make sure this advertisement catches the eye of the intended audience, it’s a necessity to make sure the actress will do Just that. The mode of visual meaning is the actress chosen to do this ad, very famous model Nina Glad. She is one of the world’s top 20 best looking women alive. This information is straight from the FORBS magazine. She was chosen for this part because of her beauty and professional acting skills. The food industry is such a competitive field with advertisements. The only way for Carol’s Jar. To get ahead of all the others is to make a drastic move by placing a model in one of their ads in order to promote a seasonal product. They did Just that because the ad rated in at one of the highest that Carol’s Jar. Has ever made.

Men obviously rated it the highest, but women weren’t far behind. America is now well over the 20 percent mark for the national obesity rate. That means that nearly one and five Americans are over weight! Carol’s Jar. Doesn’t care about this fact because if they did, they wouldn’t be able to sell any of their unhealthy products. Within the ad, a case of logos is portrayed when she is lying in the sun enjoying the sandwich bite after bite. People assume that if a model can eat this sandwich and look they way she does, then anyone can and they will get the same results.

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The author of the advertisement not once tells the audience that this “grilled” fish sandwich has over 700 calories in it. Carol’s Jar. Knows the demand for food and especially for fast food. They promote these sandwiches because they know Americans are going to eat and if they can get their products into the minds of people, then they have done their Job. Americans are for the most part very busy people, so fast food is a first resort when its lunch or dinner time. Ironically, the codfish sandwich is available during these times at every location.

The electronic part of advertisements is Just as essential as the story line. The song chosen to be played was a slower song from the late sass’s to early sass’s talking about love on a beach. Ironically the scene is being shot on a beach on a dutiful summer day. A small case of ethos comes out in the ad at this point. Carol’s Jar. Selected this song for a specific reason. By not only placing a model on the beach eating a fish sandwich but by also playing the most enticing music, it’s a win-win situation for the producers of this ad.

Towards the duration of the advertisement, a man walks up to the model eating the fish sandwich and says, “Nice sandwich. ” The choice of words and material in general has to be spot on in small ads like this. They make it come off like a man in his ass’s, notices a model on the beach and is enticed y the way she is eating the sandwich. A recording then comes on in the advertisement and says, “Don’t get fried. ” This is ironic because the man on the beach is completely sunburned when he goes up to the girl and tells her that. The message Carol’s Jar. S trying to get across is to not eat a sandwich that has been fried because it is not as healthy for a person as a grilled fish sandwich is. Logos is then presented within the ad because Carol’s Jar. Is trying to get across that a grilled fish sandwich is actually good for one’s health. That is very far-fetched and not even lose to the truth at all. It doesn’t take a nutritionist to know that fast food sandwiches are bad for the health of humans. To conclude the point trying to be explained earlier, the man in the ad was extremely sunburns.

It is Just fitting the stereotype to not get “fried. ” One of the only positive affects that fast food have to offer is the prices of the food items are for the most part reasonable to ones wallet. “Such an amazing sandwich for only four dollars. ” Another ironic saying coming from the producers of this ad is stating the sandwich is at a killer deal for only $4. 99. Many Americans are guilty for falling into these traps that these food corporations put out there. Five dollars doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but people aren’t really getting a lot of bang for their buck.

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