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Even though Harry Potter has been around for many years teens and children now a days still take the time to read and explore this intriguing series that became so famous In 1999. Harry Potter “the boy who lives”, Is a book based on fiction, It tells the story of a young wizard that was tried to be murdered by a dark wizard when he was a baby but miraculously survived thanks to the shield of love his mother showed while trying to save his life. J. K. Rolling Is the author of the book. Originally from

Hate, England, she was a single mother struggling to make it while living on welfare. She worked on the book, which the idea came while traveling by train from Manchester to London. The first book was published in 1999 and the last book was released in 2007. The series have seven books and it was tremendous hit all around the world with millions of copies sold within hours of being released. By the time the third book was released, “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Cabana”, J. K. Rolling had earned approximately $480 million dollars and sold more than 35 million copies (The

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Biography Channel website) The story of this young boy became such a sensation that millions of books and movies were sold and It became a tremendous franchise. Many teens are Influenced by this series while also promoting more reading between children and teenager and many adults as well. The series also teaches values of family and friendship. As you read the books you see the friendship strength and the real meaning of family between Harry Potter and his two best friend Ronald Wesley and Heroine Granger.

The three children meet at beginning of story while traveling in the train that will take them to Hogwash’s, and develop a strong friendship that throughout the book we can see it strengthens as the events occur throughout the story. The values that are thought in the series is also something very influential for the public. Courage, honesty, tolerance, friendship and love, are values that it can be seen throughout the story line and it influences readers to perhaps become a better person and apply these values in their own lives (Social Impact of the Series).

The success of the books was so big that many want live by It, reading and exploring this magical world and trying to convince themselves that perhaps this could be real. They are constantly reading the books and watching the movies and sometimes believe they are part of it. The book is a fascinating story, the originality and the content of it is so detailed and well narrated that as you read, your imagination starts taking over and you commence to view and see in your own head what the Harry

Potter world could look like if it was real. The success of the book led to the creation of the movies. The first film adaptation was released in 2001 with the first book in mind, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. The film and adaptation was such a success that seven more movies were filmed, the last one being released in 2011. All films were such a success that the latest book had to filmed In two parts. Both were as successful bringing many people to midnight showings and being top movie for weeks after being released.

The movies gave fans the opportunity to vision what they had been Imagining for so long while reading the books. Everything from characters, to places to the story line was perfectly adapted and created In such a way that gave the public another reason to love and become a fan of the world of Harry Potter. Some are indifferent towards it, but at the end most know of it. What started, as a simple book written by a mother trying to make it in this world became one of the largest and most influential books in the latest times.

Other authors and books will come in the future but this story and this franchise will be known for years to come due to the amount of success it had in such a short period of time and how many, no matter how old or how young were drawn by the mysteries of the wizardry world.

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