The change in media consumption Assignment

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In Medla consumption Hardware Devices “(lncluding high speed internet) – Software and computer companies are always competing to bet each other In sales and popularity which causes each individual company to create and build better and newer models. And with all the current companies available in the market more models of devices are being bullt on regular basis which Increases sales for that period of time so companies would hire researchers to find the cheapest way possible to build the evices and then sell for not less but as average price only to increase on profit.

Broadband has Increasingly become more popular ever since It commercialised In 1985 and ever since has been made very popular and electronic companies have tried to introduce these features into their devices to make them more desirable. And because of this high demand for the Internet each provider has still to this day made it faster and more accessible if possible for their users to try and gain more customers and higher revenue.

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Knowledge and IT ability- Due to the high demand n software and electronic devices more Jobs and careers have become available and desired by young people which causes more young students to attend university and colleges to gain degrees and diplomas and then further advancing into the field of work and trying to Impress each Individual company with their qualifications and expertise.

And also the same problem occurs regularly when a competing brand releases new software or devices making your current models obsolete and worthless compared to other companies which encourages you to push the boat out and design ore risky and more farfetched ideas and developments which could be the start of a new step in electronics or the laughing stock of the media.

Globalisation – As the world Is constantly evolving and the population Is growing and making countries more powerful and also some more obsolete, some powerful companies move their factories and offices to less economically developed countries (LEDC) such as Bangladesh and India (Chennai) where companies Ilke Nokia have moved for low labour costs and no tax costs which increases their revenue. In doing this Nokia has ommercialised Chennai by exposing the workers the new technology advancements and also gave them availability for the Internet and devices such as the Nokia phone.

Not only have Nokia done this but also companies and brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance and even companies such as Hello kitty. Effects and Usage of Gratification – When companies such as Apple release a new product such as the new phone 5 and advertise its new qualities and capabilities it changes are perception on the phone and makes us want to challenge the phones limits as we as umans dont want to be outsmarted by a small device, such as the ‘Fingerprint scanner as we like to think that this device cant possibly have such an application that advanced and makes us question the phone and try and outsmart it.

But in the end mostly always falling. Another thing we Ilke to do Is nothing, we Ilke to make anything easier and less complicated to do. That’s why companies such as apple try and simplify everything making tasks easier to accomplish which gives the user a bit products as they may improve his life by helping them on simple tasks.

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