How Violence in Media Negatively Affects People Assignment

How Violence in Media Negatively Affects People Assignment Words: 282

How violence in media negatively affects people We as a society realize the importance of social learning, as a contributing factor in violent behavior, we must be aware of the kinds of role models we provide to one another. Almost every household has sources which become the role model; whether it is the television, videogames, primetime television, MTV, or just the day to day encounters we experience. These sources are providing a considerable amount of information; which in most cases are not censored. The lack of censorship has lead to many of the negative exploitations that we see, hear, and read about in today’s society.

For instance television has been a source of knowledge since the late 20’s more than any other type of knowledge distributor, such as books and/or news papers. It is by far the most influential invention of the twentieth century and has established more role models than radio or magazines combined. To some people role models that are established through the media and television are not upstanding citizens like Ronald Reagan or Larry King, but instead psychopathic murderers and serial killers such as David Koresh, Timothy McVeigh and Charles Manson. Do you want something in here about drugs cause drugs affect violence as well? ) From television to magazines to Internet, media is everywhere impacting our daily lives, on a subconscious level. The portrait of the hip hop and gang bang scenes are painted by the media in ways through advertisements and characters on sitcoms. That it may have an ultimately devastating effect on the young children and teenagers of today. This media influence may be to blame for the rise of violence among our youth.

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