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Budget based on all of the Preamble Goals which are establishing Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and to secure the blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity. In 2012 the U. S Government spent about 3. 8 Trillion. The Big Five, which are Safety Net Programs (580 Billion), Medicare and Medicaid (845 Billion), Social Security (778 Billion), Defense (716 Billion), and Interest on the National Debt (225 Billion), get most f the money from the Federal Budget.

I agree that they should get the most money because they are the most important goals for this country. The reason why they are the most important is that they protect us and keep us safe. The Middle Five, which are Veterans Benefits and Services (130 Billion), Transportation (103 Billion), Education (68 Billion), Justice (62 Billion), and Homeland Security (60 Billion), comes right after the Big Five for receiving the budget because its needed, but its not as important as the Big Five. I agree that they should come second.

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The Little Guys, which are Natural Resources and Development (43 Billion), General Science and Space (31 Billion), Energy (23 Billion), FBI (8 Billion), and National Park Service (3 Billion), comes last because it helps more of the natural resources. I agree it should come last because the Big Five and the Middle Five are more important because they deal with greater situations than the Little Guys do. I think that the U. S is distributing the Federal Budget correctly to the Big Five, the Middle Five, and the Little Guys based on the Goals of the Preamble, and does not need any change at all. Disable By Showtime

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