Government shutdown 2013 Assignment

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For the first time in seventeen years the Republicans in Congress chose to shut down the federal government all because they didn’t like one law. One faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government shut down major branches of the government. The House and Senate could not agree on the Obamacare bill by September 30, 2013; thus resulting in the federal government shutdown. The shutdown “didn’t have to happen”, Obama proclaims as he addresses the issue of the economy also being affected as it was in the last shutdown, but this time they are still n the process of economical recovery.

This does not mean that everybody who works for the federal government, but paychecks would be delayed, vital services that seniors and veterans, women and children, business and our economy will all be “hamstrung”. The President warns the public and Republicans of the real-life economic impacts of the shutdown, cautioning that specific office buildings would close and workers and their families would all be hurt greatly.

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House Republicans continue to insist they will not agree to a budget bill to keep the government perating without measures to delay or defund the president’s signature health care legislation, something the Senate has repeatedly rejected. They refuse to fund the government unless they defund the affordable care act. They have demanded, “ransom Just for doing their Job” over an ideological crusade to deny health insurance to millions of Americans. The shutdown will without a doubt hurt the economy and services and benefits that Americans depend on must be put on hold and closed.

Hundreds and thousands of civilian workers still on the Job or staying at home aren’t being paid, even those with families to support; more families will be hurt and more businesses will be harmed. The longer the national shutdown continues, the worst the effects will be. Obama urges house republicans to reopen the government restart the services Americans depend on and allow people to go back and do their Jobs, but this will only happen when the republicans realize they cant hold the economy hostage over ideological commands.

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