The Impact of Communism Assignment

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The government in the sass’s used communism as the reason to spend lots of money and instill a sense of constant fear In American’s. In one of the opening lines of the “Atomic Cafe” Harry S. Truman was stating that the military had already spent 2 billion dollars “on the greatest scientific gamble In history. There was an abundance of media that was being televised and published that showed communism as an extreme and controlled society that was led by one evil leader and referred to communists as evil rulers.

It would mall the Soviet Union and show communism as a very undesirable way to live. It was a constant push of extremes and the only focus was to persuade against communism and communists. The fact Is those two words were shown to mean something entirely different from what they actual meant. There was the American definition and there was an idea based on the desire for every man to get what each deserved rather than see those with excess take advantage. There were a number of communist groups that were formed in the US between 1935-1938, when “the oppression revealed flaws in the capitalist system”. There was the true definition that existed in the ass’s and then by the ass’s there was the military’s definition. The military and government would paint a very different picture and push the idea that communism would end the “free life” that all America’s had come to know. In the pursuit for total power there were risks that were not taken into consideration that would have a very negative impact not only the environment but the people in the vicinity. The government and military would claim that all of the sting of these atomic bombs was “for the good of mankind”. Unfortunately for those that were in the area on March 1, 1954 during the Castle-Bravo test there was no good outcome. Chairman Lewis Strauss of the Atomic Energy Commission claimed that the wind failed to follow what the meteorologists had predicted. Due to the failed prediction people in the surrounding areas of the bomb had been affected and 236 Natives were unhappy but no illness was present a month following the explosion. Lewis did manage to say, “they anticipate no Illness, but diseases which abbey however contracted”. There was the constant push to be prepared In case of a war and this was used by the government and military to Justify their careless actions. The propaganda that was being televised and published was centered on showing and teaching people what to do: “duck and cover”. It was a way they managed to keep our society In constant fear all while they were In pursuit of total power. The commercials that were being shown to the public were that of reassurance that there was no long term negative affect, when In fact there was.

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There was even a figure shown that of 100% of the people, 85% worry, but there was only a 15% chance that the agent would destroy or you could die. With the percent being so great of a difference there was the claim that it was an “unsound worry” as if it were unreasonable for anyone wind failed to follow the predicted pattern resulted in residue that lingered and forced residents to remain indoors for at least one hour. It was very clear and so stated by one of the narrators of the Atomic Cafe: “never before have so many known o little about a subject so big and so important”. Eisenhower stated it perfectly when he suggested that with the increase of power it was indicative of the things that have happened to us, and indicate “how far the advances of science have outraced our social consciences and how much more we have developed scientifically than we are capable of handling emotionally’.

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