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Communism is Not Dead Historically, many look back at Soviet Russia and its collapse and sit comfortably back with security in the belief that communism is dead; however, it is very much alive and well. It is widely believed that communism is either dead or that it is so controlled that it is basically dead. This belief comes from the basis that Soviet Russia has been destroyed after the Cold War and the US had gained relative dominance in promoting freedom across the world. However, when we look at raw facts, we see that 4 countries are officially communist including one of the most powerful countries in the world, China.

Even more astonishing is that over 100 countries have active communist parties (Communism, 2014), including the United States-??the land Of the free and the home Of the brave. The United States has 13 different communist affiliated parties (Communism, 2014) with unique agendas that are possibly being slyly implemented as shown by the United States’ rapid decline into Socialism-??a stepping stone to communism. No, communism is not dead. It is quite alive in the world, quite alive in America’s legislature, and quite alive in the minds and hearts of the people.

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Communism is quite alive in the world-??its presence surfaces in the existence f public education to the worldwide move towards Socialism. Communism presents itself in the united Nations Declaration of Human Rights. It says that everyone has the “right to rest and leisure”, everyone “has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself”, and “everyone has the right to education” (Nations, 1948). Rights are God-given, here these rights are not the result of God’s laws but of man’s.

These views are represented in Communist thought and in the move towards Socialism. More and more power is being centralized at the federal level tending to the global level. For example, the United States, a nation that has embraced and flourished with capitalism, has given up states’ power in education, moral issues, Constitutional issues, and taxes. The effort of people with good intentions and ideas at a global level to enforce “good” has masked the true face of it all-??the loss of freedom of those in families, towns, states who could do real good and truly help those in need.

Communism is acting and on the verge to officially, openly entering many nations across the globe. The United States has already embraced many Socialist ideals and even some Communist-??we are on the verge. Within the United States, there are 13 communist parties hard at work, with ideas and legislation implemented under the guise and name of “progressive”. This has increasingly infiltrated our government. Today in America, the many planks Of communism are part of the government and are on the rise. Here are some of the planks and there implementation in America. . Abolition of property In America, zoning has been implemented which requires permission from the government for different levels of property use. 2. Heavy, progressive taxes The United States has progressive taxes because of the Corporate Tax Act of 1909 and the Revenue Act of 1913. . Abolition of inheritance Some states will not allow inheritance or transfer of property after death. 5. Central banking The United States has the Federal Reserve which maintains a monopoly on all currency circulated. 6.

State-controlled communication and transportation The State regulates transportation whether it be airplanes, cars, or boats. 8. Gradual abolition of the distinction between town and country This is very true as we see so many duties shifted to the federal government and so much “relief’ coming at the hands of the government taken from the people instead of the people helping the people. 9. State-controlled education of the chi lilied Today we have one of the most destructive and dominating public education systems we have ever had with more restrictions We have ever had in the form of Common Core.

Not only is the communistic goal alive in America as shown by raw facts and recent political and legislative trends, but it is also alive in the minds and hearts of the people. Communism is built on the idea of getting something for nothing, of “everyone getting to heaven”-??Satin’s basic plan. It promises to exalt the worker, create a great working environment, give wealth to all, and give financial and physical security. The communist plan mirrors Satin’s original plan drawn out in the pre-mortal life. It takes away agency.

It seduces man into thinking he can receive the blessings of righteousness without any effort on his part. Today, the average American has the greatest quality Of life he has ever had through modern technology and advancements and even arguably, the greatest opportunity to reach whatever height he wishes. However, this generation has exhibited the greatest ingratitude, the least self- sufficiency, the least self-discipline, the greatest tendency to look to the government for aid, and the greatest disregard of morality.

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