The Difficulties With Government Funding And Non Profits Assignment

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Although there are numerous difficult obstacles that face non-for profits today, nothing is more problematic to obtain than government funding. Although it is obvious that non-profit arts organizations absolutely thrive on all sorts of donations and funding; it is not always an easy task to receive the necessary funding from the government. Not only is the difficulty of receiving funding a factor, but many people don’t want their hard earned tax dollars being spent on something they might insider an unneeded ‘luxury.

In order to obtain government funding, an arts organization needs to convince them of why it would be beneficial for not only the organization itself, but the surrounding community at large. Non-profit organizations often find themselves between a rock and a hard place, because unlike a for-profit arts organization, it is illegal to have owners and allow them to Invest money Into the arts organization and make profit at the end of the year with the earned revenue.

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Although non-profits often times do make a bit of none as profit, by law they are held responsible and accountable to eventually re- invest that earned revenue back into that organization at some point. Government spending also needs to have some backing from the local community. The government doesn’t want to spend a bunch of money on an organization that is going to be a huge failure. Citizens of the local community don’t want their money that they pay In taxes being spent on the arts, while they often feel that It is more sultans to spend money on something such as heath care or the military.

People fear that funding American art organizations is not a subsequent thing to spend our nation’s money on because of the inevitable fact that it raises the national debt. And with out a doubt, the citizens of the county don’t want the government to spend their tax dollars, and then as a result, raise the taxes in the area to simultaneously fund the already ongoing expenses. People are often skeptical to encourage that their money be spent on art while they fear that the community will Just lose Interest In the new organization.

It’s not uncommon to hear people protesting for freedom against censorship, Just like when John Lennox got arrested for hand drawn pornographic images that he had published, in order to make a point of how the government censors the public. Because of situations much like that, people fear that if the government supplies funding to arts organization, they will end up censoring many of the artistic pieces that need to be shown the way they were Intended. The main reason that stands in the way of the government freely funding arts organizations are the civilians in the area of its location.

Their fear for the money in their wallet often persuades them against supporting the funding. However, all of their reasoning for not wanting to allow government funding can be outweighed when we look at the positive aspects. The pros to allowing government funding for arts organizations Include: new Jobs, and the element of education. It is not uncommon to observe a dangerous neighborhood without any kind of an arts organization, and then reexamine it after building one, and seeing a complete turnaround for the village’s reputation. Wicker

Park in Chicago for example, was once a rougher neighborhood, however, today it is a thriving upscale art’s community. Keeping art public is also very important to society as a whole. Public art helps to prevent it from going back to how it used to be; as a private viewing parlor. When art is private, it becomes much less accessible to the community, thus not allowing outside public to see the level of art that should be at their availability. Because art is an experience, and is unique to different individuals, art becomes mentally stimulating.

People choose to learn from all of the different exhibits, making public art very educational. Non-profit arts organizations almost always have a rather difficult time getting all of the money needed to stay in operation. Government funding is clearly a necessity, however, it’s not easy to come by. Governments even provide tax breaks to the non- profits because that way people don’t get frustrated with the way the government spends its money. Because of that, government funding is one of the biggest challenges facing non-profits today.

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