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Yamaha talked about the effects of the devaluation on Japanese cosmetic companies, pointed out that whilst decisions about discounts were made by their local distributes and retailers, he greater purchasing power of the Chinese public did appeal to Kane, which Is focusing on building the strength of its brands (Sighted 1710-2013) Shied says its plans to go back to its roots by targeting Japan By Simon Pitman OLL- MAY-2013 http://www. Congregationalism. Mom/Businesspeople/Sheldon-sailplanes-to go-back-to-its-roots-by-targeting-Japan Targeting growing spending power of seniors the company says that the senior age group is also expected to be increasingly Important, given a sizeable demographic shift and population growth In recent years, which Is being combined with a recovery In consumer Interesting and spending by this age group that is translating into a higher-end purchases. We will do this by positioning new products for targeted lines described before developing a symbolic new line In the marketing system,” the company said of Its ambitions to target seniors In its official financial statement. Last week the company revealed that full year-on- year sales fell by 0. Per cent to Yen 677. 7 ban (6. 9 ban), a figure that was positively impacted by foreign currency exchange by 0. 1 per cent. In Japan sales fell by 1. 8 per cent to Yen 373. Ban, which represented 55. Per cent of the group sales. Although the domestic sales figures were stronger In the second half of the year, the company said this was counteracted by general weakness in the first half of the year. (Sighted 17-10-2013) Cosmetic Market Trends By Centered June-2013 http://www. Centered. Com/Customariness/www/News/PDF/ Cosmetic_market_trends_Eng_l . PDF Consumer Goods Sourced at Australian Trade Commission – no date http://www. Saturated. Gob. AU/Buy/Australian-laundry-Capability/Consumer-Goods/ default. SSP cosmetics and tolerates Australia has achieved international recognition for its beauty and grooming industry and some 200 Australian companies currently export their products overseas. These Include Queerly, The Natural Source, The Ward Group, Cat Media, Alderman, Lifework Pity Ltd. Beach, Bloom, Napoleon Perils and Aesop. Australia’s harsh environment means products have to contend with varying climatic conditions, such as intense sun exposure and extreme humidity.

As a result, Australia is a highly respected I OFF adherence to stringent standards as well as their anti-ageing properties. Recent years have seen growing demand levels for natural products containing vitamins and minerals and consequently there is strong domestic and overseas interest in Australia’s natural skincare products, which use local botanical ingredients such as tea tree and eucalyptus.

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The rise of ‘ethical consumerism’ is also influencing demand, s a growing number of consumers take into account the ethical, social and environmental consequences of their purchases. Key growth areas are hair products, men’s grooming products, baby products, dermatological products, aromatherapy, natural products and sun care. Beauty salons and spas are also a growing trend in Australia and internationally, and Australian companies successfully exporting in this area include Heritage Healers, Lydia Jordan, Janssen, Appellative, Laity’s and Simplicity.

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