The Birth Of Communism Assignment

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x The Condition of The Working Class in England, by Frederica Engel’s, highlights social views in London. It documents poverty and alienation of the working classes, and it really seems that he’s very understanding of the roles that workers undertook while dealing with capitalism. It tells us about the conditions of people’s lives, and disintegration of society in individuals and how everybody lived by their own private principles and morals, even though everyone was trying to pursue happiness.

People never did, (and still don’t) simply regard to others as human beings, also trying to pursue happiness, however instead they refer to them as “Pawns in the struggle Of existence”. People were so greedy and egocentric, that it caused poverty. Towns in London had many slum areas in which was commonly packed with working classes, and sometimes poverty was hidden away in alleys. But most commonly, the less fortunate people were segregated in separate districts, here they were forced to live in poor conditions and be out of sight of wealthier people.

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Their living conditions consisted of cottages that had three or four rooms and a kitchen. And surrounded by them were streets that were not paved, filled with holes. A huge amount of people lived huddled together in a very small area, while the rich became more rich and lived in very nice conditions. The Communist Manifesto talks about the relationship of the communists to the proletarians, and how the communists aim to make the irking class people equal to everybody else.

They lead people to fulfill their destiny, and focus on the interest of all workers and not the interest of any single person, because that creates poverty and inequality. The first step in the revolution by the working class was to raise the proletariat to the position of ruling class to win the battle of democracy. They basically wanted to make the poor more rich, and end children’s factory labor by providing free education.

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