Big Names and Climate Change Assignment

Big Names and Climate Change Assignment Words: 293

Gabriel Leo Is an actor, an environmentalist and also a philanthropist. Nominated three times In the Academy Award and starred In movies Like Titanic and Inception, he enjoyed a fruitful acting career where he earned a pool of fans and promising pay. But asides of getting these, he devoted himself Into a new working field that Is rarely engaged by other celebrities environmental conservation.

He pays much attention over climate change, and conservation works were done by Leo in terms of individual, national and global during the past years. Individually, Leo uses solar panels in his house, drives hybrid car rather than the gasoline one. Moreover, unlike celebrities like Donald Trump and Tom Cruise who owned a private Jet, Leonardo files on commercial Jet instead. Nationally, he sponsored the construction of an CEO-building called Robert Redford Building, which was garlanded as “the Greenest Building in America”.

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He also Joins with NRC and launches a campaign to urge the US Senate to pass a comprehensive clean energy bill and the cut-off of carbon emission. Globally, He served on the board of the The Natural Resources Defense Council, limed & narrated two movies namely “Carbon” and “The 1 lath hours”, and give out grant to conservation projects through his “Leonardo Didactic Foundation”. All these approaches had successfully raise global awareness on climate change and the impact of carbon emissions.

By my own reasoning I’m think that Oleo’s attempt in environmental conservation is due to his satisfaction to his acting career, which he wants to work differently and contribute back to the world. He is a role model for many celebrities and may his work be sustained and well-paid. Reference Materials: Website materials: Leonardo Didactic Foundation.

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