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The Bad News of Social Media According to the Huffington post Facebook users share 2. 5 bits of content daily, including personal information. Social media has had many advantages for this generation. Such as helping people stay up to date with current news happening in the world. With many advances unfortunately many downsides come along with social media. Many health risks have been proven in scientific studies. Privacy is something that has become very limited online. Violence has also become a trend associating with social media.

Social media has been morphed into something humanity was never intended to encounter Young adults who appear to have a strong Facebook appearance are proven to show more signs of psychological disorders such as, anxiety and depression. People who are on social media sites more frequently are known to isolate themselves, productivity in young adults also has been shown to decrease. Teens who use Facebook while in class show to have lower test scores than the other students in the class. “Social media bad” 1) Not only as social media sites brought many health & physiological disorders but also many security threats that has devastated people around the world. With so much information that is put on social sites many people fall victim to identity theft and is effecting the credit of citizens. Twenty seven million Americans have been victims of identity theft in the last five years, (Claudia Bourne Farrell 1). Even when setting your privacy settings to private, hackers can easily break through the sites security. Once something is released on to the public it is no longer private.

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Identity theft on social media is a target that leads to many crimes. Burglars can utilize the simplest information people post against them. “Fifty four percent of burglars say that posting your status on social media is a victim’s biggest mistake. By broadcasting to people that you are away from home, you are advertising that you are leaving your home unprotected”. Seventy eight percent of burglars admit to using Facebook, Twitter, and Google Street View to select victim’s homes”. Thirty three percent of all internet- elated sex crimes were founded upon social media.

Oihan Lee 1). Many only relationship have ended in tragedy because people posed as somebody they were not. On September fifteen two thousand and six, Brian Barrett was found dead in the parking lot where he worked, shot three times by a military rifle (“Online murder triangle” 2), this crime was caused due to the Jealousy of Montgomery murderer of Barret. Being broke up with by Mary Shieler after she discovered that he posed as being a twenty two year old man, when in reality was a forty six year man who was arried and had two children.

Montgomery was devastated and was determined to kill Barret. Even though social media has made our generation more aware of things that happen. Social media has projected many negative points that overpower the good points of social sites. Over five million Facebook users are under the age often (Mark Scott 1). When excessive social media involvement has proven to cause anxiety and depression, starting social media at such a young as could cause more damage on the health risks.

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