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One way that both of these organizations are using branding is through the customers earning Tests points’ by signing up for Sad points, as Sad is one of the largest store in the U. K and Tests bank is also one of the best and popular companies that provide different range of services. Branding often consist off brand name such as Sad’s It Involves creating a unique name and qualities for the products. Some of these may be trademarked to prevent competitors from using similar branding.

Brand is powerful tools that help to achieve market objectives such as gaining market leadership and raising customer awareness while relationship racketing Is where a business focus on long term value of a customer or segment of market. Tests often use relationship marketing to attract lifetime or long-term customers. For example they will advertise cheaper car insurance, club card points from customers using their petrol stations, which will attract customers.

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Once the customer relationship has been established Tests send out coupons and prizes to customers for their long term loyalty such as weekend breaks, money off products that the customers relies on a lot. The relationship marketing Is when organization Is creating a line with the customer. Sad focuses on brand loyalty to encourage customers to repeat purchase by offering their products. It’s very similar to because they also want to raise the money using different methods.

Once they are running the project effectively they will increase the number of detonators. The Sad brand is the heart of the company range. It offers an amazing choice at great lower prices, with the seal of Sad quality. Their own brand products range from beans to bread, milk to eggs and ready meals to cereal, providing all consumers need and more across the store. They never stop thinking about how to give nonusers more choice. There are already over 10,000 Sad Brand food products and they expand the range all the time to Include new and Innovative Ideas.

So now you can get Sad Ken Home Chinese Meals and Butchers Choice Sausages, to mention Just a couple. Many products also come in a variety of different sized packs, so consumers can pick the one that is Just right for consumers. They’re committed to ‘OFF better for consumer, they’ll make it clear on the pack. When consumers see their special Healthy Eating logo, they’ll know the product has controlled levels of fat, attracted, sugar and salt and none of their Tests brands contain any hydrogenated fat, artificial colors or flavors.

Is had made Tests survive and grow in the food retailing industry. Tests have their own pharmacy. Tests Pharmacy is expanding across the I-J, providing their customers with a huge range of services, much more than Just dispensing. For their pharmacists that translates into truly rewarding careers. Tests has developed new products brands which are cheaper but value for money. The supermarket brand has led supermarket to the growth of the market and arrival during the times of the economic down turn.

When they offer discounts for example 20% off thy then sell more of this product than before and raise more money. Deco’s have diversified as they run pharmacy, cafe, bakers and fuel station. This has made Tests survive because if one area is not doing well it receives financial support from other areas. For example fuel station can receive money from the insurance company. They also earn money on the conduct of the website where customers can order food straight home. Tests has its own television ad and flyers, to remote their products.

Tests offers Club card. Customers can collect points and earn vouchers, when the use their Club card. Customers can collect points in Tests store and online, Tests direct, Tests fuel, Tests mobile and Tests Credit Card. Tests also offers movie tickets, sport stuff, magical shows and more, eat out, for example in restaurants, travel for holiday by train, plane or cruiser, they can take some stuff to garden, home, learning or software tools or motoring products or get special presents of Tests. Offering new products is a technique which has led Tests to grow.

The possible constraints that Sad may face is Consumer loyalty. Sad may need to target their audience with an attractive price that intrigues customers to stay lawful to them. If Sad weren’t to cooperate with their prices then customers with shop elsewhere with other competitors such as Tests Laid etc. The similarities in both these companies is that they both are providing a service The difference between the two is that Sad originally specializes in food, groceries, clothing and footwear then gadgets, bags. While Tests provides services of mainly DOD and groceries, later on introducing insurance, pharmacy products The techniques both the company has taken up is to get customers to earn points, but how customers earn them is different as with Sad the customer has to shop to earn the points however customers with Tests there are many more ways to earn points. Branding is a process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product in often consist of brand name such as ‘George’, a logo.

A brand can be a powerful selling tool and can help achieve marketing objectives’ such as gaining marketing adhering and raising customer awareness Conclusion: I have described how marketing techniques such as branding and relationship marketing are used to marketing products in two organizations, the constraints and limitations under which marketers operate, with use of examples to explain the point and discussing the similarities and difference, the marketing techniques described and used for the product or service chosen in each organization.

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