Students Relying on Social Media for News Assignment

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Students today rely heavily on social media and testing to find out the latest news of the world, rather than mainstream news sources; but there are many seasons why news coming from social media and testing cannot be counted Students don’t care about actual, important never,n. RSI. Most teens only care about what their friends care about. In a culture where society only cares about themselves, students miss out on a lot of current world news. As Brian Williams states in his article in Signs of Life in the LASS, “Americans have decided the most important person in their lives is… Hem, and our culture is now built upon that idea. ” (473) Teenagers prove that statement correct daily. The thing that students choose to talk about has nothing to do with the real, important issue of the topic. They choose the most “interesting” topic to them to talk about and tell their friends. This news most likely is something that they can relate to, or has something to do with them personally. This is why through social media and testing, students aren’t filling their minds with important issues of the world.

Mainstream news sources are a better way of spreading accurate, important news. Through testing and social media, most students want to be the first one to spread “important” information around. When a student hears news from a friend, it is automatically never,n. S they want to hear, even if the story is not true to begin with. They don’t want to watch mainstream news go on and on about things that they don’t care about. That is why when a teenager hears news from a friend, through testing, Backbone, etc. They only get the “interesting” information.

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Brian Williams says, “It is now possible -even common- to go about your day in America and consume only what you wish to see and hear,” (473). Students choose Burrs 2 to focus on social media and testing to receive and spread news, but how do they know if they are getting all sides of the story? When getting news that ay, you are getting secondhand information. Social media and testing information has been passed through people who have their own opinions. When teens spread news, they often change the story to make it more appealing to the people they share the information with.

You are most likely not getting the whole story, because the opinions of others have influenced the story. As news sites are pushed aside, social media sites like Twitter, Backbone and Mainstream have continued to expand. This is because our culture has become less interested in world news and more focused on connecting with others through the internet. For example, if you ask a few students if they would rather hear about current political problems or ‘that one girl’s ex-boyfriend,” you can guess what they would choose. Students care about things they can relate to.

Social media is how these students stay involved with each other, and without that social media connection, they feel lost and not included with those around them. In Signs of Life in the USA, Mask and Solomon explain that The International Center for Media and Public Agenda did a study on 200 students by having them stay away from their media connections for 24 hours; then they asked them how they felt Ewing without it. They explain how most students are addicted to being connected to the media and most would even admit it.

It doesn’t matter if they aren’t connected with those even close in distance, either way they feel left out without the social media (483-484). Obviously, social media has become necessary to everyday life for our culture, but is it really as important as it seems? When we pay more attention to social media than the events going on in the world, we miss out on reality. The idea of reality is changing from interacting face to face to testing/typing to one another on some sort of genealogy. Social media and testing arena always a bad thing. Let’s say you’re sitting at a coffee shop, the smell of coffee beans thick in the air.

You hear the loud ‘ding’ of your phone receiving a text message saying a child is missing in your area. That could be a huge help in finding that Burrs 3 missing child. Also, when a student is away at college, away from their family and friends, social media sites like Backbone are a great way to communicate. There are many advantages to social media and testing, but as far as news goes, mainstream news sources have far more advantages. Backbone and Twitter are good ways of interacting with one another, but have no good use for finding out the latest news.

What would be more useful as far as getting good, accurate information is more focus on mainstream news sources. That doesn’t mean social media and testing is bad; sometimes the news you’re getting from friends/family from social media/testing is correct and useful. But a lot of the time, news from social media is misleading, unreliable, and definitely not a learning experience. To help the youth of today and the rising addiction to technology, mainstream news resources should be a lot more popular than they are today.

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