Social Media- a Boon or a Bane Assignment

Social Media- a Boon or a Bane Assignment Words: 468

The reach of social media has become enormous world wide. In today’s generation it is next to impossible to find a single youngster who is alienated from the social media. There are numerous social sites with a huge number of active users. When it comes to analyzing its aspects, we can find many negatives and positives to it. Nothing in the world is perfect as we can philosophically say, so is the case with social media.

It cannot be favored by proving it to be a complete boon nor can we call it to be completely negative. It is a mixture of both i. e. it is a boon as well as a bane. There are millions of social media users today which is mainly covered by youngsters. Facebook being one of them with 600 million users has been ranked 2nd by the Alexa toolbar. Its revenue is expected to be US $ 2 Billion. According to the official data global consumers spend more than 6 hours on social networking sites.

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As far as usage is concerned most of the sites are used for entertainment purpose like sharing videos, commenting on status and images, cross comments, joining communities and groups and discussing on topics, etc. We keep on adding more and more friends not being sure whether we’ll b e in further contact with them or not. Most of the friends list consists of users whom you hardly contact. There are just a few with whom you get regularly connected to. So again, its just a competition among users to have the largest friends list.

Chatting constantly on social networking sites about not so important topics leads to nothing but wastage of time. Moreover, there are games and other applications that are added by users which is of no use and is there just for the sake of it. Coming to the positive part of the social media, life is nothing without socializing. Social life is the best life. Contacting friends and family members constantly helps us keep connected and inform us about the happenings. Socializing has also become an important part in the professional world.

To maintain contacts we need to be in constant touch with people and the best option to go about it is the social media. Social media also includes important and serious discussions amongst the experts and other users having knowledge about the topic. The best part about this kind of discussion is that it is open to the public i. e. anyone can view it as well as put in their own views. Social media helps discuss, debate as well as have a simple conversation with anyone around the globe. Whether it is a boon or a bane depends on the way a user uses a social site.

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