Marketing and Business Tools Assignment

Marketing and Business Tools Assignment Words: 440

Business tools like strategies and customer services tools Like software, plans and policies if used properly for the Santa would help undertaking the formal marketing, auditing and planning. Formal Marketing would come if the marketing strategies are planned based on perfect business tools that are available in the market for market research, customer analysis and marketing strategy formulations.

Similarly if we move toward the auditing side the structure could be formalized through several business tools that would automatically generate auditing report to analyze business strategies. Auditing tools like software tools and business packages should always be a source of support to undertake more formal strategies to be made, more complex analysis to be done and more accurate planning to be done. Planning is another major part which would generate results for the Santa (Kettle, Brown, Adam, Burton, and Armstrong, 2007).

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Planning is the most critical part because If It’s done well, ends well and if not so the outcome would also get disturbed Planning business tools available in the market allow us to utilize the resources at best of the capability to make them produce best results and this is hat Is needed at the point of time. Santa has already been using several different business tools for marketing, auditing and planning and also producing results efficiently.

If further utilized well Santa can make it a competitive edge for the company and an effective way to satisfy the customers. Find out more from I-J Essays here: http://www. Essays. Com/essays/tourism/most- Important-macro-environment-factors-Len-Santa-tourism-essay. PH#localization SOOT ANALYSIS Strength: – Strong Backing of Australian Government Monopoly in Australian Market. One of the top and largest airlines operating Australia. Has been one of the oldest airline operations the world.

It has nearly 20 international as well aesthetic destination. Weakness: Good brand building exercises troubleshooting and sponsorship. – Too Much Concentration around Australia. Issues among employees caused an issue. -Weak performance in other grammaticalness (Exhibit 4) Opportunity Good economic condition in Australia More international destinations, especially ANSI. Tie-ups with international airlines for combined service offering to customers.

Leases have been announced for new aircraft fleet to cater more passengers, employment opportunities, services efficiencies intending flying business. – To promote easy access to businessmen,around the world, a club has been organized uninterrupted and luxurious travel witheringly check in and certain business related personal facilities. Subscription can beamed which range from one to several years(George, 1982). – Threat: Increasing fuel prices affects operations. Rising Labor Costs. Increasing Competition in Australia Market from new start ups and SE airlines.

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