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Instructions to candidates State your Registration Number on the front cover of the answer book and on each and every additional paper attached to It. Your name must not appear anywhere In the answer book or answer scripts. 2. Always start answering a question on a new page. 3. You are reminded that answers should not be written in pencil or red pen except in drawing diagrams. 4. Answer the questions using: Effective arrangement and presentation Clarity of expression Logical and precise arguments Clear diagrams and examples where appropriate 5.

Illegible hand writing and language errors will be penalized. PART ONE Answer all questions Question 01 : Case study Branding Jelly Crystals: Celebration of 50 years by Motto It was way back in 1920; Tiburon Motto began importing confectioneries and Jellies from the I-J and marketed them to local consumers with great success. Four decades later, the import restrictions slapped in the early sass were to dramatically change the course of Moth’s entrepreneurial Journey.

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Motto tried his luck at producing previously imported confectioneries locally. Their first product to the market was “Motto Strawberry Jelly’ and it was a phenomenal success. Even today in the Sir Lankan market, Motto Strawberry is the market leader of set Jelly category. From that mint onwards, there was no turning back for Motto. Island wide success encouraged them to add new products to their portfolio. Custards, pudding mixes, diet Jellies, icing sugars and many more were added to the product portfolio within these 50 years of time.

As the brand grew more and more popular with consumers, they kept asking for newer flavors and variants. This led to the addition of newer flavors and variants which was to take the brand to new heights. Moth’s success contributed by its strong family tradition in confectionery business, expertise and promise of unmatchable quality and continuous innovation making them one of the most prominent and recognized Sir Lankan Brands within the last 50 years. They were tested by and survived different economic and social challenges in the country and proved their success.

Beginning at a pre independent time period as a confectionery importer, throughout 1960 and ass’s growing under that national economy as an entrepreneur and from sass’s onwards facing aggressive and dynamic competition under the free economic policies, Motto still claim the success of their products and brand. Specially after sass’s , aggressive competition began under the open economic policies, without further restrictions international products entered the market, also imported cheaper and high quality alternatives replaced most of the established local products.

But Motto successfully retained their market share and withheld the competition. Numerous competitors entered into the relatively easy Jelly making business, imported cheaper alternatives and sometimes introducing a wider variety to their products (ranging from Page 2 of 7 sugar free, organic to wider flavors etc. ) but were unable to break into Moth’s market. Sustainable growth of Motto against most of the mushroomed competitors In 1985, Motto understood that its growth needs to be supported by a professional distributor to reach a wider market.

Moth’s choice was another traditional distribution giant in the Sir Lankan Market; Deluge & Company. This was a milestone of Moth’s success story now completing almost 25 years. Deluge and Motto still enjoy strong and fruitful relationship of marketing by contributing to the growth of one of the most successful confectionery brands of the country. Deluge contributed to taking Motto to even the remotest villages of the country. Even in the time period of the war, Motto was available in the war ridden north due to the efforts of Deluge. Also Joint efforts made Motto available in Maldives, India and most other regional countries.

Still successful in the market, even after sixty years from its initiative of Jelly making proves Moth’s ability of understanding Sir Lankan consumers. Pro-actively adapting to varied consumer demands and changes while at the same time re-emerging the product portfolio, Motto still remains as one of the top brands in Sir Land’s FMC industry and also a market leader in most of their product segments. Though market leadership has been achieved, success in the future cannot be claimed as free of challenge for Motto. Competition on one hand became stronger and stronger with newer flavors and new varieties in product category.

On the other hand, sugar added confectioneries are losing a considerable segment of health conscious consumers, natural organic and sugar free desserts gain competitive edge in the new market place. Moth’s challenge may not be about facing traditional confectionery makers but to face these new trendsetters. Using the five forces of brandished as a basis, systematically analyses the Motto rand and its success. (Following forces need to be used as a basis of analysis) Corporation Distributors Customers Competitors Macro-Environment (20 Marks) Page 3 of 7 Assume you are a new player expecting to launch competitor products to Motto.

Considering Moth’s brandished, set following aspects to your brand with sufficient justification a. Brand Vision b. Brand Values c. Long-Term Objectives (Total 40 Marks) Page 4 of 7 PART TWO This part includes SIX Essay Type Questions Answer total of THREE questions from this part Question 02 Describe the following roles of brands with suitable examples: 0 Brand as personality Brand as risk reducer (10 Marks) Using an appropriate example, explain balanced perspective of brand positioning and how the particular brand is positioned among customers. 10 Marks) (Total 20 Marks) Question 03 Brand visioning consist of three components , namely; 0 Envisioned Future 0 Values 0 Purpose Select a brand of your choice and explain the brand visioning relevant to the identified brand. (15 Marks) II. Identify at least three (03) main criteria that need to be considered when naming a brand as it is with relevant examples for effective usage of each criteria. (5 Marks) Page 5 of 7 Question 04 Explain using an appropriate example, how brand personality is important in building brand relationship.

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