Marketing Plan Assignment

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Note: The example organizations you use in your answers to all questions can be real ones or composites of several situations you have read about, heard about, or been involved in. You must identify your example organizations in enough detail for the marker to assess the appropriateness of your answer. Question 1 In the past marketers used four Marketing Concepts to sell or promote their products: The Production Concept, The Product Concept, The Selling Concept and The Marketing Concept. In the new marketing reality ‘The Holistic Concept’ has been consider by today’s best marketers.

Using an example organization from your country or region: I) Discuss whether you would suggest the ‘Traditional’ or the ‘Holistic’ marketing concept. Justify your opinion. (10 marks) I’) Discuss which ‘Major Societal Forces’ have benefited your chosen organization, and how? You must first identify your example organization, and its products/services and markets, in enough detail for the marker to assess the appropriateness of your answer. Question 2 Market segmentation is one of marketing’s most powerful tools.

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Whatever variables hey use, effective marketers try to identify meaningful target segments so they can develop customer- satisfying marketing mixes. Your business partner is considering buying two car dealerships and wants to aim each dealership at a different segment. (I) Explain how you would conduct the segmenting process of the car market in your country or region. That is, what are the steps you could consider? What questions would you ask? Justify your recommendations about the process. (12 marks) Marketing Plan By Indomitably (8 marks) The APS marketing mix describes how services are marketed.

Consider two firms in your country or region that market a service, with one firm being in the tourism industry (like a resort or hotel) and the other firm being in another service industry (like the entertainment industry). Discuss how they each use the APS, addressing each P in turn. Include information about which one of the two firms is better on each of the APS and why. You should also describe how the mix of APS is coordinated in each example. As usual, the examples from your country or region can be either real ones or a composite of several products that you have eared about, read about or been involved with. 20 marks) Question 4 You are the marketing manager for a new brand of soft drink

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