News Media’s Effect on American Culture Assignment

News Media’s Effect on American Culture Assignment Words: 642

What is the role of the information and news media in the shaping of political opinions? We also have to take a look at how have electronic media and their convergence transformed journalism and news consumption? Media has made us conform any many ways that we are not even aware of. When looking at how fast media especially socially media has taken over our American culture the question arise, does the information media have social responsibility? The relationship between media and social responsibility is very compound. When we think about social media we may not agree with everything that is broadcasting. But that is our personally opinion.

It is the media job to report the news good or bad. As American we would like media to give us factual information. Media has a lot of weight on their shoulders. Media is really I guide for most people. And American culture is at its mercy. Media has exposed presidents, business and even our favorite celebrities. Media has a important and crucial place in our lives. Media brings to us the true face of today’s world – a face which we usually cannot see. It makes us realize that we are being ruled by the wrong people – politicians who are only interested in their personal gains and not the welfare of their people (Resell, 002).

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I do not know where we would be without the media good or bad. The media can be very powerful and how we view politics and politicians. Media should hold a higher standard when putting out stories because they have a major impact on the outcome of elections. Stories that are out about politics and politicians have a profound impact on public opinion. Politicians usually where able to reach out to the public by radio. Once politicians could directly speak to large numbers of people through social media, their influence over public opinion could be immediate as well as dramatic. (Resell, 2002).

The only thing with media is now we have a new realm which is media bias. We have some stations that carter to certain politicians. The ugly part about this is owners and editors determine content. Media has increasingly become concentrated in the hands Of a few corporate entities. We also have media in the form of the internet allows public access to numerous other sources for political information. Politicians have begun to use the Internet to send out political information and political commercials to the general public. This has worked will with many politicians. Especially being connected to the out .

They also uses the Internet to raise considerable amounts of money for their campaigns and to attract and sign up volunteers. The media has had a positive outcome when it comes from media. In American today, we are surrounded by a mufti-level convergent media world where all modes of communication and information are continually reforming to adapt to the enduring demands of technologies, “changing the way we create, consume, learn and interact with each other” ( Meeker& young, 2012). Electronic media news is distributed so much more easily and is readily available for all relied.

Since the advent of the Internet towards the beginning of sass’s how news is reported has changed to the point where it is almost unrecognizable. Before the internet emerged news was reporting was primarily delivered through news bulletin programmers every few hours on television and radio, and through daily newspapers. The Internet has made this dynamic platform, which requires news to report rah a day to be on top of every new story. The internet has made everyone in the news industry raise their standards. News now has a lot more on their plate, reporting the attest stories getting good factual information and competing with floggers.

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