Media and American Culture Assignment

Media and American Culture Assignment Words: 361

Entertainment has brought many benefits and challenges to American culture and has changed the way we communicate. Television has been in homes for so many years. For most people it has been and remains the primary source of entertainment. N. ” has helped to create our culture by making an impact on book’s, newspaper’s and magazine’s design and content. Movies, sports from around the world, news, and live war coverage have all made an impact on our culture.

For example, People gather together to watch the Super Bowl in bars and at parties, another example of how television has made an impact on our culture is, On Tuesday night’s families gather around to watch live TV, as American Idol introduces young talent to the screen. Sometimes groups of friends will make it to where whoever has the biggest TV gets to have movie night at their house. The list is endless for the amount of information transported into our homes every day, changing the way people live and react o life situations.

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The social influences of the Television can be positive, but it is mostly negative. Personally I feel that It dulls people’s senses and lowers their creativity. To me, It is passive watching rather than playing or doing. The “News” focuses on what’s exciting and thrilling (a mental disease of our times not confined to news or to visual media but certainly virulent there), which is mostly painful and/or stressful. Meanwhile the good that people do passes unnoticed because it’s quiet and urn-newsworthy.

On the other hand, I feel that Movies could be negative, but feel they are more positive for the reason that movies can move hearts awaken loveliness, and people sometimes gather as a group of friends before or after a movie. But some movies glorify violence and conflict, or sexualities too much. At least with the internet as well as the newspapers, we have a full choice where we put our eyes, ears and hearts and can quickly turn the page if we run across something we don’t want to be in the presence of.

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