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This is a summary about key rules for viral marketing campaigns. Viral marketing is described as a strategy by means of which people are encouraged to pass on a marketing content to other people. Viral marketing consists of six elements: give away valuable products/services, ensure an effortless transfer to others, easy scale from small to large, exploit basic behaviors, make use of existing communication networks, and take advantage of others’ resources. The secrets of viral marketing are: getting the headline right, tap into buzz-worthy topics, cram a lot of value into a small package and right straight to the point.

This is a summary about ten ways to grow your fitness club using direct mail. First, organize your member list to get their full contact information. Second, promote “add ons” to current members by mailing out reminders about your extra services. Third, set up a referral program to give some premium to current members. Fourth, promote corporate memberships. Mail your promotion to companies love to be able to offer benefits to their employees. Fifth, stand out in the crowd make sure that your ad gets seen by every person you send it to.

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Sixth, strengthen your brand. Seventh, offering your free trials to get more members. Eighth, target the right people. Ninth, have an event to get people in the door. Tenth, simplify your message to get more response. Generations of people have worn our products as a symbol of freedom and self-expression in the face of adversity, challenge and social change. They forged a new territory called the American West. They fought in wars for peace. They instigated counterculture revolutions. They tore down the Berlin Wall. Reverent, irreverent ??? they all took a stand.

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