Media Worldview Analysis Assignment

Media Worldview Analysis Assignment Words: 340

God with his life and is following Gods will. I didn’t know until near the end that the book Eli was carrying was the Bible. Eli faces many trials. He has little water and food and he meets several people on his journey that want to kill him. Throughout the movie, he remains steadfast in his purpose. Two Of the main characters Eli meets on the way are Carnegie and Solar. Carnegie wants the Bible for selfish purposes. He believes if he has the Bible, he will be God. Carnegie wants to be the leader over everyone. Solar knew nothing of the Bible and God.

She becomes friends with Eli and helps him to protect the Bible. Eli teaches Solar how to pray and quotes scriptures to her. She takes on the Christian worldview. Eli had to deal with a lot of trials along his journey. A woman on the road tries to lure men in so that the men she is with can steal from them and kill them. Carnegie tries to capture Eli so he can kill him and get the book. Eli and Solar even came upon a couple who intended to kill them and eat them. Even with all of the trials he experienced, Eli stayed true to his Christian worldview. He continually prayed and thanked

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God for the things he had been given. He continually read the Bible and stayed on the right path, the path God had willed him to take. During the movie, I was emotionally troubled. There were some violent parts that made it a little difficult to watch, but more than that, it was hard to comprehend the terrible way some of the people treated each other. I think that what worries me most about it is that I believe there are terrible situations like this that happen all over the world. Mentally I was unaware of what was happening until closer to the end, then it all fell in to place.

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