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In this essay, I will be analyzing the Bond film, Safely. Believe that the primary audience for this film is males aged between 15 and 80 because the younger audience will aspire to be like Bond and the older generations will relate to the films and become nostalgic as they most likely watched the earlier Bond films. But believe that the secondary audience is females of the same age. This is because the younger women may watch the film for either Daniel Crag’s aesthetics, or because there are important female figures within the film that are empowering for younger girls.

On the terms of the socio-economic scale, I think that people that are Ass, Bi’s, Co’s and Ad’s are the most likely audience for this film, and not Ex.’s because people who are in this group don’t necessarily want to watch a film about upper class people, and any class can watch the film. In terms of the Young and Rubicund theory, think that The Resigned and The Mainstream would be a main audience because The Resigned love nostalgia and The Mainstream like to follow the crowd.

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In terms of the Hypodermic Needle Effect, the message portrayed about terrorism is that it’s dangerous and sometimes the terrorists aren’t the people odd expect to be a terrorist, for example in Safely, the terrorist is Silva, and he’s an ex-MOM agent who mainly wanted revenge on M, who he saw as a mother and a leader who turned on him. Also, it also tells us that terrorism is sometimes very hard to intercept and avoid, and that the motives are sometimes surprising.

I think that an active audience would react to subdirectories by being thinking that maybe Silva wasn’t being completely evil and that he was just hurt and not thinking very clearly because he was obsessed with the concept of revenge. Regarding the Audience Reception Model, I think that the ‘Preferred’ reading is that the film is very patriotic and for England and a good representation of England and how we work. The ‘Negotiated’ reading is that it may be very patriotic and empowering but it’s also exaggerated in the way that Silva is portrayed.

Finally, I think that the ‘Oppositional’ reading is that the film is quite racist against other nations and portrays England and the UK as the only positive country. Concerning the Uses and Gratifications theory, I think that the audience could get Entertainment from Safely because it’s a fictional film containing a lot of action and the characters are easy to connect to. I also think that they could get social interaction through the film as they could ask a friend or colleague if they had seen the film and then have a discussion of their thoughts on it.

Finally, think that the audience could find Personal Identity through the film as it could spark certain thoughts or opinions of things like terrorism and the objectification Of women. I think that the two main binary oppositions are Bond and Silva because Bond is the guy defending England, MOM and M from Silva, who is trying to break down MOM and kill M for revenge. In relation to Outdoors theory, think that the state of Equilibrium is the chase between Bond and Patrice, since Bond is used to this sort of thing and it’s a normal occurrence for him.

But the equilibrium is broken when Eve shoots Bond in the shoulder and he falls from the train into the river. This is a break of equilibrium because Bond is rarely shot and its a bad injury to him, causing his ‘death’. This disruption is recognized when Eve slowly says “Agent down” and M turns from Tanner to look out over the city. They try to restore the equilibrium by having a funeral for Bond and focusing on stopping the terrorist threat. The new equilibrium is reached when Bond “comes back from death” and rejoins MOM and they defeat Silva.

Lastly, on the subject of Prop’s theory, think that most of the characters fit into his list of characterizations, but some fill two. The villain is Silva, as he tries to kill M and destroy MOM. Q is the dispatcher and the donor as he gives Bond his weapons and also gives him the information of Saliva’s escape along other things. Skincare is also the chapters as he tells M about the priest hole which, in the end, saves her from being in the house when it’s destroyed.

I think the princess is MOM because that’s what’s under threat by Silva in his attempt to get revenge and that is what Bond is protecting, along with M. Think that M and Mallory are “the princess’s father’ since they are responsible for MOM and want it safe again. Eve is the helper since she goes around and helps Bond fight Patrice and in the casino with Svring. But however, I don’t think there is a false hero, even though Mallory is portrayed that way throughout the film.

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