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UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN ACADEMIC YEAR 2008/2009 MID-TERM EXAMINATION DURATION: 1 1/4 HOUR FBTM 1013 FUNDAMENTAL OF MARKETING FOUNDATION IN ART Name: Student ID: Tutorial Group: Question 1: A)Based on following text, answer the questions below: i)Explain the difference between wants and needs. (4marks) ii) Identify the example of wants and needs from the text above. (6marks) B)Monitoring new technology is essential to keep up with competitors in today’s marketing environment. Provide three (3) examples of how technology has benefited consumers or marketers. (9marks)

C)Briefly define the following terms: i) Product development (2marks) ii) Market development (2marks) iii) Microenvironment (2marks) Question 2: A)What do you understand from the term ‘consumer buyer behavior’? (3marks) B)Explain the following ‘personal factors’ that influencing consumer’s behavior. Provide relevant examples for your answer. i)Personality (3marks) ii)Occupation (3marks) C)Based on the information provided, answer the below questions: ) Explain the concept of market segmentation and target marketing (6marks) ii) Consumer goods marketers commonly use one or more of the following variables to segment markets; geography, demographics, psychographics, benefit sought and usage rate. a)Identify and briefly explain the variables used by Mohan in segmenting consumer markets. (9marks) b) Who are the target customer based on the text above (1 mark) ———————– Adam is going to town to buy some nails to finish roofing his house. His wife, Marie asks him to buy some margarine so that she can bake cookies.

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Moreover, his son, Tomas is taking piano lessons, so Adam has to buy a piano for him. After finished buying, he realizes he is hungry. Then he decides a Big Mac and Coke would be nice for his lunch. Mohan works as a Marketing Consultant for a Snack-Food Company. He realizes that many young people today like to eat junk food. He has two reasons for saying this. Firstly, the young people themselves say that they go out to eat junk food often. Secondly, if we walk into fast food restaurant, we see that most of the customers are young people.

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