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George Lopez relationship interactions with his daughter Carmen Lopez George Lopez relationship interactions with his daughter Carmen Lopez In this particular episode, a conflict arise when George Lopez daughter Carmen Lopez attempt to lie her way out of swim class. Angier Lopez, Carmen mother and George Lopez wife, finds a school note allowing her daughter to miss swim class do to her menstrual cycle. When Angier opens Carmen backpack by accident I assume , a bunch of school notes fall out.

You can tell that Carmen and Angier do not have a great relationship based off Carmen attitude towards her mother. Angier attempts to address and resolve the conflict as soon as the problem arise. However, both Carmen and George had some where to be. George said he would teach Carmen a lesson on why its not good to lie. There is a reason why Carmen is behaving that way. She is going through puberty and body is going through changes. Carmen class mates have been making fun of her during swim class because she has hair on her legs and underarm.

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George Lopez relationship with his daughter is understanding. Carmen feel comfort when reveling her dilemma to her father. She ask her dad if she can shave her leg and underarm. With her father understanding the reason why he agreed. Watching this episode you see concepts of relationships interactions. The comfort Carmen receive from her father, George understanding Carmen dilemmas, and improving relationship with family, now that Carmen is able to talk to her dad about personal stuff.

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