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While this has the potential to be disastrous in creating irreversible work, the company has succeeded with this workflow so far but is looking to change this and avoid any possible setbacks associated with this workflow. With the need to continue meeting client expectations of quality and timeliness, the owners of Zephyr Media Group (GM) have decided to invest in new technology and rebuild the company’s infrastructure to increase production speed, standardize employee workstations, and streamline Internal processes.

In addition to Implementing the change, the company should be able to continue current projects with no down time and take on larger accounts upon the completion of the new infrastructure. Project Objectives The objectives Included In this project Include: Installation and implementation of new hardware and software; synchronization of new equipment to a network with a server; consolidation and archiving of current and past projects with new system; Increased performance to production. The project should take no more than six months to complete from start to finish including testing period for new. Argue accounts to verify performance increase as defined as an objective of the project. As a preliminary budget, the project is not to exceed $350,000 including equipment, sets, and payroll. Note, that individual workstations (apron. 20 units) will run costs of $2000. 00 each (Apple, Inc. , 2010). Potential risks Included Incompatible projects being transferred from one platform to another; over expenditures on assets; asset arrival or DOD assets; final launch does not meet production expectations.

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To compensate in the event these events happen, the following plans will be Implemented respectively: all machines are being installed with software to ensure MAC/Windows compatibility; including a Windows partition for all machines. This will low employees to work on projects in their native format without having to convert or risk corruption to the files in use. A portion of the budget will be set aside for Immediate spending purposes In the event particular assets do not arrive on schedule. This will allow for pick up of replacement assets from a local Apple store until delivery items arrive.

Once in possession, they will be returned for immediate refund to keep budget on track. As a final contingency plan, a portion of the budget will be set for the possible purchase of a render farm. In the preliminary design, this ill not be needed, however; should a boost In performance be required, the render farm will ensure productivity meets expectation In order to increase production speed, standardize employee platforms, and streamline internal processes, this project has adopted a method previously developed. The approach will accomplish these basic four steps: Initiation, Planning/ Design, Execution/Development, and Close-demonstrations. . The first step of Initiation must accomplish these sub categories: Concept Development: Defines the purpose for the project, those involved in the project, the stakeholders and the users. Business Benefits and Goals: What is the payback to the investment? Goals must follow a Time and Schedule; follow by Quality, for a final goal of Increase in revenue. Initial Requirements: What should accomplish for the users, performance, scalability, Risk, Tracking, Productivity, and tools need it. Executive Requirements (Authority and Responsibilities) Who will be responsible?

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