Media: Television and Music Videos Assignment

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Is the media accountable for the negative effects on children? The media should be held accountable for the negative effect on children. With their music, television, and unhealthy fashion statement; children learn bad behaviors. There are positive effects from the media, but the negative ones are my real concern. Children copy everything they see or hear someone say when they are little kids between the age group one to five. Children observing and listening to the bad behavior from the media can turn children into bad adolescents when they grow older.

Children are more prone to row up fighting, and being sexually active because of what they watch, hear, and react to in their lives and the media. Children are prone to negative behavior because of what they listen to at a young age and what they see such as television, movies, music videos, and reality. Some artists decide that to be the best you have to sing about the negative acts and behaviors that are performed in the world.

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Artists fail to realize that the music and videos they make has a negative effect on children. Music videos are one of the top ten ways to portray sexual behavior. Durham). Young girls see the women in the music videos dress inappropriate, so they think they can do it too. “The media aimed at girls have been quick to capitalize on all of this- they work hard to ensure that the sexiness is central to girl’s consciousness and they target preadolescence as well as teenagers with sexually charged messages. ” (Durham 66).

Some researchers believe that children are becoming bad from growing up in corrupt and dangerous areas and that the parents are accountable, but studies show that “After exposing adolescents with both aggressive ND nonaggression behavior to a large amount of media violence, researchers founded a decrease in brain activity among all exposed to the violence. ” (Neil). Other studies show that too much violence can alter brain functions in children. The media censors some television shows and music to make sure that their programs are not affecting children’s behaviors. Music videos- by both male and female artists- almost inevitably feature semi-clad women and fully clad men and their lyrics establish these women as desirable and sexual. ” (Durham 74). A researcher name Jonathan Freeman stated “The systematic research does not provide convincing evidence that exposure to violent media makes children or anyone else more aggressive” Nouns). Some media programs are not bad for children. “Children who watch a moderate amount of television perform better academically than children who excessively watch television and children who did not watch television. ” (Chem.).

Most people think that the media has TV Shows and music that are not for children. Other people might say that these shows are not bad and that you can censor them so that you know what your child or children are watching at all times. Even though censoring is a great technique for programs that uses corrupt languages or body languages, it still does not stop teens from understanding what the meaning is in the show or movie. Another reason why I feel that the media is accountable because of the story “The Snoop Next Door” written by Jennifer Sarandon; talks about how people expose other people’s business out in the open on websites and tapes.

Jennifer states that, “There is no accountability. You can Just go online and say whatever you want whether it’s going on. Even if someone posting something online on a post or a blob; the media till should take responsibility and take action because it is wrong and that is invading other people’s personal boundaries. Such as taking pictures of them and putting them online without their permission or even writing a blob about that person even if it is not true.

They do not know how that person is going to feel or react to all of the information they are saying about them. The media’s negative effect on children is causing our youth to grow up incompetent, ignorant, and violent. Even though the media has good influence and bad influence, children are still going to find a way to watch and listen to things they like. The media should minimize some of the TV Shows they have for children. For instance: they have a television network called Cartoon Network, but at a certain time at night it becomes Adult Swim.

There are some kids that do not go to bed when they are supposed to and they still watch the channel that plays children cartoons because they do not realize that Cartoon Network has finished for the night, so they end up watching adult cartoons without knowing what their watching. Children still comprehend everything they see and hear. If they watch a show or listen to at least one song they will want to see more or hear more. The more they watch and listen to negative behavior or language the more they become interested in it. The media is becoming worst for children and teens.

If more children and teens watch uncensored programs, they will want to act out because of what they see other people or cartoons do. I feel that the media is accountable for the language and gossip about other people in this world. If they tone down some of the entertainment they put in their music, shows, and videos; no one would hold them accountable for it. Now my final thought is: If our community continues to grow in a negative direction. Who then will be accountable for all the active behavior that is going on in this world? Works Cited Chem., Nina.

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