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If the Interest rates on the loan rise then people will most be less likely to Invest In a college education. Thus, investment in education may be negatively related to the interest rate, much as physical investment is. This is one reason why, in order to encourage economic growth and productivity, the U. S government provides low interest loans for college students, making an investment in college more attractive. Entrepreneurs do not need special additional incentives provided by the government to encourage them to assume the risks of creating a new business.

True risk takers believe that their Ideas will succeed In the market and have so much of their Identities Invested In them, they ally don’t care if they receive any return at all on their invested time and money, sometimes for several years, as long as they have hope of eventual success. The problem for them is not that they lack motivation; it’s that they can’t find someone who is willing to provide them with a loan that banks, venture capitalists, and angel investors find too risky. In confronting this situation, Congress has a couple of options.

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It can choose to do nothing and simply allow the marketplace to reward firms-that-make-wise-Investments with the market share of firms-that-do-not. The other option would be for lawmakers to help entrepreneurs [and established too- risky’ firms] to obtain the funding they need in the hope that they might then be competitive with better established firms. The rational way to do this would be to provide these marginal firms with targeted investment tax credits or perhaps with guarantees on private loans.

These kinds of Initiatives would put the money directly Into the hands of those who will be Investing the money, Compare this to the Insane idea of Glenn tremendous amounts of extra disposable dollars to lately savers in the hope that their extra savings might somehow make their way into the hands of true economic investors when private banks have already rejected their borrowing plans as too risky. Very little, if any, of those billions of dollars would actually end up helping needy entrepreneurs and firm managers. 2. Recognizing the negative Impact of restraining forces, which ones would you expect to encounter In the above Interventions?

According to the National Archives and Regulations Administration these are aspects do for changing: Better align workforce management with the strategic priorities of the agency; Develop workforce planning capabilities and analysis tools; Identify NARK’S mission critical occupations and the core competencies associated with those occupations; Establish an active, professional recruitment outreach diversity of NARK’S workforce by establishing partnerships with minority-serving organizations to help increase the pipeline of minority applicants for NORA positions; Create a continuous learning culture at all levels of NORA; Develop future leaders through structured management development programs; and Leverage technology to support how we recruit, develop, and retain employees 1. Do you think the gasoline tax should be changed? He gasoline tax should not be changed. Why? It encourages people to purchase fuel efficient vehicles, carpool, and micromanage. With fewer cars on the road, traffic has fewer Jams, roads get less wear and tear, and people start to do things together or combine errands, rather than being on the road multiples times a week they manage to do things all at once. B. What principle did you base your answer? Some historical tidbits: from Forbes, 2012. The current rate is 18. 4 cents in 1932-1933 dollars, which comes to about 1. 1 cents per gallon, or very close to the initial rate of 1 cent per gallon, set in the Revenue Act of 1932 that created the federal gas tax.

The first year of the tax generated $125 million in revenue (Forbes 2012). In 1940, the tax was raised to 1. 5 cents per gallon, which would be equivalent of a rate of 24. 26 per gallon in 2011 dollars (Forbes 2012). Current federal gas taxes adjusted for inflation, dipped below the effective rate of today after the war and during the early ass, but then came the Federal Highway Act of 1956. Taxes went to a whopping 3 cents a gallon, equivalent to 24. 97 cents per gallon today. Eisenhower raised the rate to 4 cents a gallon in 1959, popping it to an effective rate of 30. 6 cents in today’s dollars. But then it stuck. The 4 cents per gallon rate stayed constant until 1983.

Reagan, the alleged tax fighter, raised the rate to 9 cents per gallon in 1983. Subsequent hikes by Bush (14 cents a gallon in 1990 dollar or 24. 4 cents today) and Clinton (18. 3 cents or 28. 8 cents in today’s terms) kept older rates higher (Forbes 2012). History tends to show gas axes don’t seem to have that much impact on the overall economy. The hikes have occurred under both Republican and Democratic administrations: the most prominent increases, in fact, occurred under Republicans Hoover, Reagan and Eisenhower. 4. “Real economic growth is critical for the economy and desirable for the United States” The middle class is the indispensable workforce and the all- important consumer.

The great American entrepreneurs and inventors who have been vital to our national success have come from the middle class. It is the education and skills of the middle class that have driven the rise in productivity that as underpinned our prosperity. And it is a stable middle class that has kept America free of the turmoil of much of the rest of the world and has made vital investments in education, roads, and other economically important infrastructure. The ascendancy of America to being the richest nation in the history of the planet is fundamentally a middle-class achievement. For our country to succeed going forward, we need to get back to the fundamental truth that our success hinges on the strength of the middle class.

Businesses need middle-class customers. If you ask business owners what titivates them to make investments and create Jobs, they’ll tell you its customers. From where do the majority of customers come? The middle class of America’s class. If you look to what has been at the root of economic growth over time, it has been growth in worker productivity and the inventiveness of our people. Who among JUS has had the flexibility to postpone Jumping directly into the workforce after a minimum level of education and instead avail themselves of the opportunity to enhance skills by pursing higher education? It is the children of those families that sit securely in the middle class of society.

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