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Federal Legislative Representatives are referred to as Amp’s (Members of Parliament). The head of the government Is the Prime Minister. The Prime Molester Is the head of the federal party that Is In power (explained later). Like the way many people refer to the Federal Government of the united States as “Washington” many people use “Ottawa” to refer to the Canadian Federal Government. In general, the federal government takes major responsibility for things that affect all Canadians. This would include national offense, foreign policy and citizenship.

The Federal Legislature (Parliament Buildings) and many of the Federal offices, boards, bureaucracy, etc are located in the Canadian capital of Ottawa. Federal Legislative Representatives are referred to as Amps (Members of Parliament). The head of the government is the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister is the head of the federal party that is in power (explained later). Like the way many people refer to the Federal Government of the united States as “Washington” many people use “Ottawa” to refer to the Canadian Federal Government. Provincial and Territorial Government:

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These governments look after things like education, health and highways. (Things that would apply to a province specifically. ) The provincial capital for each province is “here the provincial legislature is located. Some provinces have Map’s (Member of Provincial Parliament) or Meal’s (Member of Legislative Assembly) or MAN (Member of National Assembly). The head of the provincial government is the Premier. The Premier is an MAP that is voted to be the political leader of the provincial party that Is In power (explained later). The Map’s making up the provincial legislature are elected at least every five years.

Province Capital Name of Legislature Newfoundland SST. John’s Confederation Building prince Edward Island Charleston n/a Nova Scotia Halifax Province House Fredericton Parliament Building Quebec Quebec City National Assembly of Quebec Ontario orient Queen’s Park Manitoba Nipping Legislative Building Saskatchewan Regina Alberta Edmonton artists Columbia Victoria Territory Northwest Territory fellowmen Kong Territory Neither Note: Often the Federal and the Provincial government share responsibility for an area. For example there is both a Federal and Provincial Ministry of the Environment.

Sq Canada moves forth, and the government grows, new areas have emerged to be governed. When a conflict between these two levels of government arise, the power is automatically given to the federal government under the constitution. When Canada came together in Confederation in 1867, many of it’s makers, including the first Prime Minister Sir. John A. Macdonald envisioned a strong federal government and a Maker provincial one. However, throughout Canadian history Canada has Increasingly had stronger provincial governments and the federal one has become Maker. Some attribute this to the national unity problems in Canada.

This is in contrast to the United States where the Constitution was designed for strong States and a weaker national government but throughout history the federal government has become stronger with weaker States. ) http://www. Publications. Go. Ca/pre/core/AC/piper-Eng. Asps In Canada, responsibility for corrections is divided between the federal and provincial governments. The Correctional Service of Canada is responsible for offenders serving sentences of two years or longer (including life sentences). The provinces are responsible for offenders sentenced to terms of less than two years. E Parole Board of Canada makes conditional release decisions for federal offenders and for provincial offenders in the provinces and territories without their own parole boards. Public Safety Canada works to harmonize policies among the federal agencies and departments that are implicated in crime prevention, law enforcement and corrections with the goal of advancing effective corrections policy in the interest of public safety. To help achieve an effective Canadian correctional system, SEEPS Norms in partnership with a wide variety of government departments and agencies, laundry sector organizations and First Nations communities.

Our partners include: Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies Correctional Service Canada Health Canada Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Ion Howard Society of Canada lustier Canada L ‘Association des services De r??habitation socials du Qua??beck National Association of Friendship Centers Parole Board of Canada Office of the Correctional Investigator Provincial/territorial and municipal governments RACE Salvation Army Correctional and Justice Services SST. Lemonade’s Society of Canada

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