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How government policies are developed Polices start as an idea on how to change or manage a situation. The ideas can come from many different places, such as the media, the public, the public services, and politician or from subject experts. For a policy to reach the first stage It must go through mall meetings before reaching the green paper stage. Polices that are being created must discussions In the form of cabinet meetings and parliamentary committees. If the policy is still in consideration then it takes the form of the green paper. Green paper

This is a document that sets out what is the proposed change that is distributed to interested parties for a period of consolation and debate. This may take the form of public meetings or open enquires from outside government. If the policy is not welcome or needed discussions stop there. But sometimes discussions show that the policy is needed and then it reaches the next stage, the white paper. White paper This Is more formal, and contains a set of formal proposals on the new law or policy. White papers are drafts of what will they become bills later In the development of Ewing laws later on.

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The public can Influence the government and be heard by, letters of MSP, seeing an PM and taking Into account the views of the opposition, this then becomes bills. Stages of a bill A bill must go through 7 stages before it can become a law: First reading- the first reading is a notification to the house that a law proposal is being made. The title of the bill is read out and copies of it are made available. There is little or no debate at this stage. Second reading- This is the most crucial stage of the bill.

This is because the main debate on the proposal is contained within it. The house must then decide whether or not to send this policy to the next stage. If the government has a clear majority then they will almost always get the bill through to the next stage. Committee stage- this stage Is where the bill is examined and any changes are considered before putting it forward to the house. Must bills are dealt with by a standing committee of around 20 MSP. The members of the committee are chosen depending on their qualifications and personal or professional Interests.

If a bill is very important then it will be examined by a committee of the whole house. But for a private bill peoples business or property may be affect, they can form a petition to stop the bill and protect they interests. Report stage- this is where the committee reports back to the house with suggested amendments, which is then voted on by the house. Third reading- this is where the bill is re-presented to the House of Commons and then the proposed legislation is voted on. If the bill is accepted it is sent to the next stage.

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