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This ensures that all will be seen long before their due date and can be completed in a timely manner. An exact of Assignment 1 Part can be found in appendices 6. 6 Assignment 1 Part A 2. 2 Assignment 1 part B – original 2. 3 Project Management Map – final 2. 4 Self evaluation and Reflection of the Project Management Map The original project management map allowed an average of two to three weeks to complete individual assessment tasks (excluding online tests), with other commitments outside Of my studies the requirements of the original project management map were difficult to achieve.

A final project management map was developed which proved to be much more effective and accurate, usually allowing a week or two week to complete a required task depending on the size, with such a restricted time frame to complete tasks motivation and focus were essential, this also assisted in keeping track of where I was up to in arms of assessment tasks. Eel that the Final Project Management Map was a very effective tool and that a week to complete the necessary tasks was generally a good time frame as it did keep me motivated with the task at hand and I will continue to produce one at the beginning of each academic session to assist in my time management . A SOOT analysis has been conducted for the previous academic session and the results are as follows- Strengths The two academic skills that I feel have improved the most would be my time management/ organization skills and my ability to produce writing to an academic standard.

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These skills are important for the future both academically and in business, as time management is crucial to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and that any writing that are produce are structured and easily followed by the reader. Weaknesses The skills that I think need the most improvement would be my ability to reference correctly and the ability to communicate effectively whilst working in groups. It is important that improve these skills so that better marks can be gained; and as they will be required on a regular basis, both academically and in the business world.

Opportunities These skills will be better developed within the following year as they will continued to be used throughout my studies and within my workplace therefore a better understanding of how to use these skills more effectively will be gained. Threats Skill development may be threatened by other personal commitments such as work; they both require substantial time which may not always be available. As other students continue to develop their skills time may influence the further development of my personal skills causing me to fall behind.

To manage these challenges must ensure that all classes are tended and all mandatory activities are completed to ensure that the best understanding is gained. Analysis- Detailed examination of the elements or structure of something. The word analysis was chosen because knew the word but was unsure what was required Definition of analysis, viewed 14th may 201 3, Attribution error- Referring to words and/ or actions with a meaning which doesn’t correspond with the intended meaning. Attribution error was chosen because when I heard it in a lecture repeatedly I was unsure what it was.

Whites, M 201 3, COMMENCE Communication in organizations: 2013 lecture totes 20th February 201 3, Southern Cross University, February 2013. Coherence- a unity in thought that is revealed through the way ideas and information are presented. Coherence was chosen because when reading a section of the text book and I came across it and couldn’t make sense Of the sentence because I was unfamiliar with the word. Turner, K, Kruse, B, Ireland, L & Opinion, L 201 1, Essential Academic Skills, 2nd Eden, Oxford university press, Australia. Colloquial expression- A group of words carrying a meaning that is acceptable in speech but usually not in writing.

Came across aliquot expression when reading the text book and was curious about what was meant by it. Turner, K, Kruse, B, Ireland, L & Opinion, L 201 1, Essential Academic Skills, 2nd Eden, Oxford university press, Australia. Consensus- General agreement or concord; harmony When hearing the word consensus used it sounded formal an wanted to know what was meant by it. Definition of consensus, viewed 12th May 201 3, Evaluate- the assessment of the value of ideas and information. Evaluate has been included because when asked to self evaluate I had little understanding of what was required.

Turner, K, Kruse, B, Ireland, L & Opinion, L 2011, Intellectual Rigor – A commitment to excellence in all scholarly and intellectual activities, including critical judgment Intellectual Rigor was found when reading the Unit Information Guide for BUSS 0699 and I had no understanding of what was meant. BUSINESS GIG peg Integrity- the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles Heard the word integrity in relation to academic integrity and the meaning was unclear. Definition of integrity, viewed 12th may 201 3 Letter of transmittal- a short letter attached to some reports as an accompaniment.

Was required to produce a letter of transmittal in a report, ad never produced one therefore did not know what was expected Turner, K, Kruse, B, Ireland, L & Opinion, L 2011, Essential Academic Skills, 2nd Eden, Oxford university press, Australia. Noise – (in communication) any distortion factor that blocks, disrupts or distorts the message sent to the receiver, interfering with the communication process. Noise in communication has different definition to usual and to provide clarity has been added to the glossary. De Janis, S, Dodd K & Schneider, B 2009, Interpersonal skills in organizations, HTH Eden, McGraw-Hill Companies, New York, up. 35 Paraphrase- A technique for using the literature which retains the original idea or information but restates it in a different way Paraphrasing was used when talking about plagiarism and referencing, needed to know what it was so that it could be done right. Turner, K, Kruse, B, Ireland, L & Opinion, L 201 1, Essential Academic Skills, 2nd Eden, Oxford university press, Australia. Philosophy- The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.

Philosophy was used within this assignment and needed to know what was meant by it although am still struggling with the concept. Definition of philosophy, viewed 12th may 2013, Procrastinate- The action of delaying or postponing something. Procrastinate was used several times during a discussion in a lecture and had no understanding of the particular word. Definition of procrastination, viewed 12th May 2013, Self Evaluation- Looking at your progress, development and learning to determine what has improved and what areas still need improvement.

Usually involves comparing a “before” situation with a current situation Self evaluation has been provided in correlation to evaluation. Benefiting of self evaluate, viewed May 12th 201 3, 5. 1 Reflection All assignments completed and marked to date I have been very satisfied with as they have all been a credit or higher I find this to be a great personal achievement. To ensure the likely hood of this continuing in the future I need to ensure that adequate research and study is conducted and that Unit Information Guides and marking criteria requirements are followed closely. 5. Personal Reflections on Learning Portfolio Self Management skills- Self management skills have developed greatly throughout academic session one 2013. The responsibility of having to manage a busy schedule with the need to complete assessment tasks in a timely manner, attend work and other personal commitments was challenging but also rewarding. Independent learning- independent learning was a skill that was lacking at the beginning of session one 2013, having just completed high school was use to having everything explained to me in detail and being given large amounts of assistance in completing task .

Having to participate in four units, three of which were undertaken externally; the lack of direct contact with lectures meant that needed learn how to omelet tasks independently; this skill has been developed strongly. Problem solving- problem solving abilities are strong and have been for several years prior to commencing university studies. This is a useful skill as the be able to find alternative Ways to do a task is Often required in both academic and business sense 6. 0 Fortnightly Learning Journal Notes 6. Weeks One and Two Weeks one and Two I found to be very relaxed with only one assessment task required to be submitted. Focused mainly on learning to navigate the Masc. website and looking at assignments due in the weeks to follow. 6. 2 Weeks Three and Four Weeks three and four were busier having completed four assessment tasks this fortnight. Majority of these assessment tasks I found to be straight forward although found my online test to be challenging causing emotions to run high with thought about whether to continue with my studies or not. 6. Weeks Five and Six In weeks five and six, have decided that to continue with my studies is the best option. Three assessment task were completed, in one of the tasks I have began to learn how to reference, am happy with my progress this fortnight. 6. 4 Weeks Seven and Eight Week seven was study week, notes were revised and preparation for week sights assignments. Week eight, three assessment tasks was completed, one of these being oral presentation with peer review working in groups I found this to be difficult as communication within the group was ineffective which lead to misunderstanding in what was required from who. . 5 Weeks Nine and Ten Weeks nine and ten, three assessment tasks were completed, 2 out of the three were straight forward but one required produce a reflective report on the oral presentations presented in the few weeks previous once again communication was poor causing much frustration, I have established that I onto like group work and am very glad that that assignment has been completed. 6. 6 Assignment 1 part A MAHATMAS Assignment 1: Self Audit and Summary Test with Reflection. Weighing: 10% of unit. Due: Friday week 1.

Requirements: Complete the online self audit test (no preparation required) and the reflection of your mathematical strengths and weaknesses. Sub Steps:- Complete the self audit test which is found under assessments, self audit test and reflection -Open a word document and answer the questions Identifying mathematical strengths and weaknesses that were found in the self audit test to complete the reflection. BUSS 0699 Assignment 1: Project Management Map. Weighing: 10% of Unit. Due: week 3. Requirements: part A. A word document that assists in the planning of the project management map. Part B.

An excel document which contains a graphic representation of the project management map. Sub Steps: -Collect all assessment details and arrange the in order of their due date. – Include what is required and the steps to achieve this, display in a word document. Using the information above create a Gaunt Chart to schedule and present your management map. COMMENCE Assignment 1: Online Orientation Treasure Hunt Due: Thursday week 3. Requirements: Complete all five interrelated tasks, the assignment solely aim to familiarize you with what is available on the USC website. Sub Steps: – Read the notice ‘Congratulations!

You’re on your way! ‘ This will get you started on step one. -Once you have completed a step the instructions for the next step will become available. -When steps 1-4 have been completed you are required to complete step 5 with is a short online quiz, you must get all 5 question correct MATT 07006 Online Test: Topics 1 and 2. Weighing: 5% of Unit. Requirements: This is an open book test; ensure that your calculator, marry and formulae sheet is available. Maximum time allowed is 45 minutes. Sub Steps: -Access masc., go to the unit ‘Quantitative Methods with Economics’, and click ‘Online Tests’ under the heading ‘Assessment’. Start the test. Assignment 1 Part A: Topics 1 and 2 Due: Tuesday week 4 Requirements: Demonstrate that you can use excel, to perform mathematical and statistical calculations required. Sub Steps: – Compare assigned electricity schemes. -Construct a linear equation. -Present this linear equation in a graph. -Provide a written answer (maximum 200 words) to communicate the results of your calculations. M NAG 0001 Assignment 1: Critical Analysis Of Quantitative and Qualitative Information. Weighing: 25% of Unit. Due: Friday week 5. Requirements: To access David Jones on the stock exchange and provide financial information.

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