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Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SUBSISTED), the learning outcomes, delivery and assessment arrangements. The Study Guide consists of 5 parts. In Part 1, background details to the subject area are provided and the broad aims of the module are set out. Part 2, consists of the module outline. In this part the (a) module learning outcomes, (b) the themes and topics to be explored are explained along with the (c) learning supports to be used. Part 3 gives details of the module delivery arrangements.

It sets out the session arrangements and the expectations in relation to your prior reparation and student engagement. Part 4, provides details of the assessment techniques used in this module explaining the assessment components and their rationale. In Part 5, the CDC grading policy is explained and grade descriptors drawing on the university document are given for each assessment component. Part 6 outlines the topics to be covered in studying this module. In Part 7, concluding comments are presented. A. Background to the Topic Semester 1 of the programmer is often a steep learning curve as you develop new academic skills.

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This module is designed to support in developing these key academic skills. You will continue to develop many of these skills during the duration of this programmer. Particularly, academic writing and examination technique are two areas which students find they are constantly developing. Hopefully, this study guide will be one to which you return as you continue to develop your skills. Topic 9 ‘Referencing Guidelines’ is a topic which is especially important and one to which I hope you will continue to use over the course of this programmer.

It takes time and practice to develop the key study skills and students should make use of the supports that are provided by the Centre for Distance Learning. 5 An important way of continually developing and improving your academic skills is to make use of the feedback provided by tutors on assignments submitted. The points of feedback provided by your tutors can be used to improve future assignments. Should you need additional feedback at any stage, please don’t hesitate to contact your Learning Support Officer.

Mock exam nations will also be scheduled during your first year on the programmer and I would encourage you to avail of this opportunity. Mock examinations provide you with an excellent opportunity to attempt a past examination paper under examination-like conditions. Feedback will also be provided on these mock examinations. In Semester 2, you will complete the module ‘Developing Academic Competencies’. This second study skills module is an opportunity to explore some of the topics covered in this module in more depth.

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