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There are several purposes Of studying HARM- Human resource strategies are frequently seen as the key to the achievement of business objectives, to keep the companies competitive. The complex and rapidly changing environment have produced a sense of turbulence and uncertainty in business life. The adaptability of organizations has never been more important. The way the human resource is used strategically to achieve business or organizational objectives is the focus of this module.

Business or organizational strategy may be described as the attempt to find ways to position the business or organizational objectives. This is achieved through maximizing the present and future use of the organization’s capital and human assets. The aim of the course is to provide students with an appreciation of the human resource management function so that they can understand the interaction between HARM and the business strategy. Should you require clarification on any matter pertaining to the module, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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This Study Guide is designed to provide you with details of this module, the learning outcomes, delivery and assessment arrangements. The Study Guide consists of 6 parts. Part 1 gives background details to the subject area are provided and the broad aims of the module are set out. Part 2 consists of the module outline. In this part the (a) module learning outcomes, (b) the themes and topics to be explored are explained along with the (c) learning supports to be used.

Part 3 gives details of the module delivery arrangements. It sets out the session arrangements and the expectations in relation to your prior preparation and student engagement. Part 4 provides details of the assessment techniques used in this module explaining the assessment components, their rationale. Part 5 explains the LICE grading policy and grade descriptors drawing on the university document are given for each assessment component (I) Assignment 1 , (ii) Assignment 2 and (iii) Examination (closed book). Part 6 presents the concluding comments. Background Details a.

Background to the Topic This module will provide students with an introduction to the management of human resources. Among the areas covered are: human resource management (HARM) in context; human resource management and how it can be distinguished from traditional personnel management; he flexibility debate; human resource planning; recruitment and selection; reward and performance management; the management of change and communication and topical issues in HARM including human resource management in small businesses and strategies for retaining staff.

The module provides for the blending of its theory and practice contents with the collective workplace experiences of the participants. To this end participants will be expected to contribute critical reflection on their workplace experiences along with collaborative interpretation of such experiences in both classroom and study group settings. Advance preparation for classes and workshops will be an important feature, with readings and questions for reflection assigned at the commencement of the semester. B.

Module Aims The aim of this module is to provide students with an overview of the theory and practice of Human Resource Management. This module focuses on a strategic perspective wherein the HARM function supports an organization’s business strategy with appropriate HARM policies and practices. The module draws on student prior learning and work experience and combines insights from strategy, international trade and investment theory, human resource management and other areas. The assessments in the form or written assignments and examination Will cover the entire holistic perspective of human resource management.

Module Aims Human Resource Management is specifically designed to provide students with a sound theoretical and practical knowledge of all the key business- related areas in human resource management. This Programmer equips students with the skills to apply scientifically-based techniques to work- related problems. Students learn to apply skills in human resource management, people soft skills, employee relations, international management, business strategy and human behavior. This module also surveys the concepts and practices in the major functions of human resource management.

Topics include human resource forecasting, human rights, recruitment and selection, training and development, performance appraisal and compensation, job analysis, work conditions ergonomics, employee safety and health, labor relations, international aspects of HARM. The course attempts to provide an insight into managing employees in general and as an overall management philosophy and also as a functional area of management in the new legal, financial, social and managerial systems.

The module will also examine the influence of international organizations and international arrangements in particular countries and on the employment practices of multinationals. The module will give particular attention to the practice of human resource management in international companies, and the challenges facing such companies in managing human resources across national borders. The assessment tasks for this module have been designed with this in mind as detailed later in the study guide. 7 Programmer Goals Programmer Title: Bachelor of Science Singapore (HARMFUL S) Programmer Goal Learning Outcome HARMS

Management specific knowledge Explain current theory/practice in HARM x Apply business models and steps & stages of HARM practices Demonstrate knowledge of and the usefulness of quantitative techniques and controls in HARM Business Communication Short business presentation (written / oral) Research and analyses specific HARM case studies / problems / topics and write a concise report detailing the findings and recommended actions Locate information sources to facilitate the completion of research on HARM practices.

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