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On a higher scale, deployment of unman resources Is similarly a difficult task of which a carefully minded process Is orchestrated for maximum efficiency and Impact. This brings us to the basic definition of Human Resource Management (HARM). HARM Is the process of analyzing the current human resource situation of an organization and managing its personnel needs in order to meet of its overall strategic objectives. (Line, F. , 2010). Corporate strategies that are brainstormed and passed down by top management are scrutinized for human resource (HER) emphasis.

Thereafter, an assessment of where he current HER situation stands relative to the corporate strategies is being reviewed and deliberated on. From here, the management of personnel is being triggered into effect by tweaking its various HER actions to address any shortfall or surplus in order to fulfill the grand strategy laid down by the top management. This shift would be felt when the business progressed and would be a result of HARM in practice. In a nutshell, it is an alignment of individual’s interest with that of the organization.

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Strategic HARM (SHRUG) focuses on the significance of human capital’s attributes to verbal organizational success. (Line, F. , 2010) The traditional HARM model emphasized the relationship between the business and its human resource. SHRUG goes one step further by encompassing the most important influencing factor of businesses, I. E. The business operating environment. The reason behind this inclusion is the need to define organizational success. Organizational success can only be determined by the firm’s place in the industry, ranked by either its profitability or revenues.

By recognizing the existence of the environment and how it Influences the corporate erection of the firm, SHRUG is able to view Itself In the holistic perspective of business operations and what role it plays here. With such clear comprehension, SHRUG Is able to understand how the actions In HARM will directly Implicate the firm In a certain manner and even see these effects In play In the global business view. This would lad In reducing inefficiencies and miscommunication and enhanced overall competitiveness and competence. With a clear mandate and better fitted human resource, the firm would advanced further with a well-oiled HER engine.

In this current RA, mere conservatism has given way to massive globalization of countries and economies. Firms and businesses can no longer mind only the domestic market and ignore the overseas ones. On the other hand, market saturation also forces firms to KICK overseas Tort market snare. Unaware tense aligns, SHRUG Is at an even more critical juncture of enabling business to grow more efficiently and effectively and to compete in a global arena. Bibliography Line, F. (2010): Human Resource Management: Strategy and Policy Study Guide, Dublin, National University of Ireland, Dublin.

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